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Iker Casillas, the AFE’s candidate for the chair of the RFEF – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


On last night the COPE Chain reported on Iker Casillas’s ability to run for the RFEF presidential election. Elections that Luis Rubiales himself has asked the CSD to overtake the first half of this year, as Villar did in 2012 and other transgaming.orgs federations, but which does not yet have the approval by the aforementioned Superior Sports Council.


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From SPORT we can confirm that former goalkeeper Del Real Madrid and currently at Porto has been polled for this option. But this offer has come from the environment of the AFE and Spanish footballers. They consider the captain of the selection to be the ideal candidate.

Let’s not forget that relations between Luis Rubiales and David Aganzo, whom Rubiales himself appointed as president when he decided to run for the RFEF and who was later re-elected by the players themselves, don’t go through their best. Iker Casillas would be studying this option, which never comes, as reported by ‘El Partidazo’, since the presidency of the Liga, Javier Tebas.

It should be borne in mind that right now the RFEF Assembly of 141 members has 13 professional players and 18 of a non-professional nature. An Iker candidacy could also attract the support of professional clubs with 20 members and even non-professional clubs, especially those that were elected and related to ProLiga, a movement that brings together the Second B and Third clubs opposed to the management of the current president of the RFEF. Right now there are 29 non-professional clubs in the Assembly.


It still seems clear that Luis Rubiales, even having the opposition of Iker Casillas, departs as a clear favourite to his re-election.  The current president would initially depart with the backing of the Vast Majority of the 19 territorial federations. Let’s not forget that even opposing federations initially such as Galicia, Aragon or Andalusia are now very close to the presidency. Initially contrary to the current management would be the Federación Madrileña, Castilla – León, Castilla La Mancha and Guipuzcoana where Larrea, former interim president of the RFEF and candidate in the last elections he lost precisely to Luis Rubiales.

Then there’s the arbitration rate with 11 members of both First and Second Divisions like the other categories. There are also the coaches with 15 members and futsal with 12 representatives currently in the assembly body.

And pending whether the CSD ultimately authorizes the RFEF’s proposal of five natural members, three of them would be clubs that have never lost the First Division category (Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic) plus its members of silver football, and all related to the management of Luis Rubiales.

The truth is that a involvement of Iker Casillas, while it seems very difficult to win, it would open up a scenario of possible opposition, more when in this case there will be elections and renewal of all the members of the current Assembly and they will be elected in all areas (players, referees. Teams, coaches and futsal) who elect the new president. The results of these are then key to determining what the post-chair election of the RFEF would look like.