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In what cases would LaLiga’s seventh go to the Europa League? – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


In what cases would LaLiga's seventh go to the Europa League? - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The Copa del Rey 19/20 will always be remembered as editing the surprises. The Federation introduced the new single match format to the semi-finals and several large teams fell in those rounds. In fact, even a team from Segunda, The Mirandés, has sneaked into the top four of the competition. Athletic Club, Real Sociedad and Granada are the teams that accompany you in the penultimate phase.

The winner of the tournament will be new no event. And it’s that, for the first time since almost a decade, neither team playing the Copa del Rey final will be assured of their presence in European competitions via LaLiga Santander. Nine years later, LaLiga’s seventh-ranked player could be left without access to the Europa League.

Granada, Real Sociedad, Athletic and Mirandés are the semi-finalists of the Copa del Rey 2019/20

Since the Spanish league entered, by coefficient, among the four best leagues in the world and the places changed, Spanish competition brings seven teams per season to European competitions (at least four to the Champions League). Since the 2014/2015 season, the Cup runner-up has no direct access to the Europa League.

When would the seventh go to the Europa League?

The UEFA Executive Committee decided that the top-ranked club in the League with no direct place for European competitions will contest the Europa League instead of the Cup runner-up, provided that the Cup winner is insured in the Champions League. And this fact has slightly changed the format of league and butler competition. It was previously common for many modests to reach the Copa del Rey finals to appear the following season in Europe, but now, regularity in Liga is rewarded.

The elimination of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético, Valencia and Sevilla in the Copa del Rey has opened a new landscape for the end of the season in LaLiga Santander. Of the four semi-finalists, only Real Sociedad is, right now, ranked in the top eight of the league championship.

If the winner of the Copa del Rey were NOT in the top six, the seventh in LaLiga would run out of the almost usual European place. Let us take as an example that Mirandés, the team that has impossible access to European places via the league, won the tournament. The winner would enter the group stage of the Europa League directly and the seventh in LaLiga would run out of European competition.

If it were real Sociedad, Athletic Club or Granada who would take the trophy at La Cartuja and they would be in the top six in LaLiga the seventh YES would have European place.

In short, the seventh will only enter the Europa League if the winner of the Copa del Rey is not Mirandés and is in the top six in LaLiga. The seventh-placed would not enter Europe if the Cup winner, whatever it is, is not in the six qualifiers of LaLiga Santander.

Onclick’sumario_3id'”javascript:ampliaFoto(this, ‘/football/images/2020/02/12/copa_del_rey/1581506098_414617_1581506357_sumario_grande.jpg’, ‘976’, ‘651’, ‘The CD Mirandés, team of the Second División, may go to Europe if it wins the Copa del Rey /

CD Mirandés, a Second Division team, could go to Europe if he wins the Copa del Rey

The sixth-placed unknown

But What would happen to sixth-placed if the King’s Cup winner does not enter Europe via the league or is seventh? The winner of the copero tournament is assured of his presence in the group stage of the Europa League whatever his league position.

So, if the Cup winner – whatever it is – is not in the top six, the sixth-placed will have to play three pre-finals to gain access to the group stage of the Europa League.

What if the Europa League champion is in the top six?

Within all assumptions there are some unlikely, but not impossible, that could happen. If the Europa League champion is Spanish (Sevilla, Getafe or Espanyol) and is in the top six in LaLiga, five teams would go to the Champions League (the top four and the Europa League champions) and two to the Europa League (Copa del Rey champion and fifth qualifiers). This is reflected in the Article 3.07 of the Champions League rules.

“If the federation (in this case the Spaniard) is entitled to four places in the UEFA Champions League and none of the champions qualifies for the UEFA Europa League through its national championship, the lowest position of the federation’s representatives in the UEFA Champions League is automatically transferred to the UEFA Europa League”

Article 3.07 of the Champions League regulation provides for all possible scenarios for European qualifying

Let’s take an example: If Sevilla wins the Europa League and finishes sixth in LaLiga, it would go along with the top three qualifiers to the Champions League, while the Copa del Rey champion would qualify for the Europa League alongside the fifth. Whereas if, in the same scenario, Sevilla were fifth, it would be the sixth to take that Europa League square.

The most rocky: nine Spanish teams in Europe

Within the infinite possible combinations, there is a particularly complicated one that could be a milestone in the history of UEFA. In the event that the Champions League champion was Spanish and did not achieve European qualification via The League, the same was the case with the Europa League champion and neither did the Cup champion finish in the top six of Primera, there would be a unique case.

To explain it better, let’s give an example:

  • Valencia are proclaimed champion and finish seventh in LaLiga.
  • The Getafe wins the Europa League and finishes eighth.
  • The Cup champion is Granada, who finishes ninth in LaLiga.
  • The standings end: 1) Real Madrid 2) Barcelona 3) Athletic 4) Sevilla 5) Real Sociedad 6) Villarreal

In this case, Article 3.07/c of the UEFA regulation would apply. It explains that this scenario, the last qualifier for Champions League via the Europa League and that, in addition, an extra place would be added for the two European competitions.

That is, taking into account the example above, they would go to the Champions League: Valencia, Getafe, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. While to the Europa League would go: Granada, Sevilla, Real Sociedad and Villarreal. In total, nine Spanish teams would be entitled to compete in Europe. A unique case.