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Inauguration of the 2022 building in Qatar – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Inauguration of the 2022 building in Qatar


Celebrating the ninth anniversary of announcing to Qatar the hosting of the next World Cup in 2022, The building was inaugurated in the form of number 2022, a fact that shows Qatar's intense preparations for the first ever Middle East event.

The building is located in Aspire, one of Qatar's most important tourist areas, and includes various facilities such as the Academy of Sports Excellence (Aspire) and the Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Hospital (Aspetar). It has an area of ​​approximately 60,000 square feet, multipurpose and houses: administrative offices, health club, a chain of restaurants and cafes, conference rooms, theater, 600 parking lots, etc.

Qatari Prime Minister and Interior Minister AL Sheikh Abd Allah Ben Naser Ben Khalifa Al Thani opened the building in a prestigious ceremony after showing a short film about the development of transgaming.orgs and facilities in Qatar , since the building is the first in the form of a worldwide number.

Mohamed Khalifa Al Sweidi, Aspire CEO, said: "This project operates according to Aspire's vision, being a geometric icon that complements Aspire's overall plan, bearing in mind that there are less than three years left for the 2022 World Cup. "

For his part, Al Thani, the brain of the project, said: “December 2 is a special day, because on this day it was announced that Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup. From that moment, 2010, I thought about projects that would be a legacy for the country, through the strengthening of the transgaming.orging event. In this sense, the building complements Aspire's main plan. "

It should be noted that the building emerged as an idea in 2011 and its design was completed in 2013. Work began practically in 2018 and the building was inaugurated today Monday.