German football

"Incredible achievement that I can't comment on" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


In the last match of the Austrian Bundesliga before the winter break, LASK and SK Sturm fought an exciting match. Sturm coach Nestor El Maestro indirectly criticized the referee's performance, opponent Valerien Ismael looking forward to the game-free time.

Lukas Spendlhofer was annoyed by his own goal, Thorsten Röcher did not understand Sturm's relegation. Voices for the Sunday Games (via Sky / APA):

LASK – SK Storm 3: 3

Thorsten Röcher (attacker): "We had a great start, were good in the game and were unlucky to get 1-3. I will not comment anymore because we get two red cards. Foul (by Dominguez, NB) in midfield is never a yellow card for me. "

Lukas Spendlhofer (Sturm-Defender): "The game continues on its own goal. You have to shake it off. Unfortunately, we really lost it. We were always involved in the goals. LASK had many flanks, but we defended them well. We have to play better with the standards. We are just too inconsistent. It reflects the whole season. "

Nestor El Maestro (Storm Trainer): "The game should have been pretty good for the media. A lot has happened, and not just from Sturm and LASK. It's bitter. I can understand the criticism, we gave it an 0-3. It was still a decent performance" I don't blame the players mine. It's probably an incredible performance (from the judge, note) that I can't comment on. We would have taken the result before the match. "

Valerien Ismael (LASK coach): "The team showed an incredible mentality. Filipovic was injured before the game, but he gritted his teeth and played a half. It was great how we tore Storm apart in the second half. I'm looking forward to the break now."

FK Austria Vienna – WAC 1: 1

Christian Ilzer (Austria coach): "We had a lot of plans, we wanted to go into the winter break with a really good feeling and win. We started with this enthusiasm. We found very, very good counter-situations and made it 1-0. With the first half of the second half we were also good in the game, but we should have made it 2-0. It was a results-based draw. The performance was fine, but we didn't have as many chances as we had in the previous weeks. " "We definitely need a miracle, but we believe it."

Mohamed Sahli (WAC coach): "It was a close game that we did not do well. We did not have the control of Austria under control for the first 15 minutes. After conceding it was a little better, but not optimal. We are second ball possession better. and spaces fit well. In the end we deserved a win. "

WSG TIrol – SV Mattersburg 1: 3

Thomas Silberberger (Tirol coach): "We now have three weeks off, of course I want to have intense discussions with the sports manager. We know we have to do something. I think we will do that too. Then we can set other goals."

Franz Ponweiser (Mattersburg coach): "Our main goal was to give up the red light. It was a good performance in the last two games, but we were not rewarded. Today we were happy in certain situations, but it was a good match. Tactically we did it over how we planned it. Still, a hard spring awaits us. We know what to expect. "