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Iraola and Gurpegi, a society of the last victory in the Bernabeu – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The last red-white victory at the Bernabeu dates from 19-2-2005, with so many from Del Horno and Iraola in the 74th minute. An indelible 0-2: “Yes, it was a very nice match. Occasionally, when Athletic returns to The Bernabéu they remind us, but in San Mamés we have won more for Real Madrid”, launches AS Iraola, current coach of Mirandés, who fights like a boar in the demanding Second Division.

Carlos Gurpegi, current coach of specific trainings with the lower lezama, agrees “perfectly” of that match: “Outside of home we changed the way we play at home that day and I have a very good memory. I played as a centre-back and I remember it might have been a 0-3 if they didn’t get to score a goal for Orbaiz from the middle of the field that hit the bar first. He came in, but they didn’t score it as a goal,” gurpegi smiles, close to Pablo Orbaiz. Remember that the whites were “somewhat clueless” by a previous envius to Juve in Europe and the changes, already with Athletic winning, were “Raul, Zidane and Ronaldo, imagine…, but that day we played really well and we had a lot of the ball.”

“I never won there again. Several times with the feeling of being able to have won, with occasions, but you looked at the scoreboard and you were clapping 3-0…”, argues the exlere of Andosilla, which points out that it is true that “Real Madrid leaves you meters, that you reach the area easily, but they kill you upstairs”. Since then he has won the Athletic 14 games without beating the whites. Could you get a profit this time? “It’s always complex, but this Athletic defensively is a very solid team and in the end that allows you to dream of winning these kinds of matches. Madrid will usually always give you occasions. It’s a team that’s going to hurt you, but it’s going to give you your options too. If Athletic is well defensively he will have his options in the match,” says Iraola. Gurpegi adds that “possibilities, of course, you never know what can happen. It’s true that it’s a game of maximum difficulty that you have to be perfect and that they don’t have a good day.” Gurpe understands that Athletic “is qualified to make a good start and get something out of it.” Yeray is the new Gurpegi: “We’re both aggressive and strong, yes it’s a good comparison.”

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Iraola also participated in the last of San Mamés in 2015, 1-0, with the Muniain, Aduriz, Williams, Beñat and De Marcos from the current squad. “Yes, it was also a very nice victory already in the new San Mamés, with a goal from Aduriz even if you defeat them try to forget them quickly,” throws the exlateral of Usurbil. Gurpegi, who shared a flat with Aduriz and Murillo in Mungia in his early days in Lezama, with Iraola was at Derio’s residence. Now he sees him “calm, happy and the Mirandés is wonderful.”