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“I’ve always believed we have a competitive workforce” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


"I've always believed we have a competitive workforce" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Winter market valuation day. The transgaming.orging director of the Girona, Quique Jail, took advantage after the presentation of Christian Rivera to talk about what gave itself the past market and was satisfied. It was not easy to tie to a midfielder and it was achieved (Rivera) and besides, an attacker arrived (Brandon Thomas) which can give many alternatives to Pep Lluís Martí. There were also two outputs: Marc Gual (Madrid Castilla) and Sebas Coris (Oviedo). “I have always believed that we have a competitive and balanced workforce. And now, with the signings, more,” he said.

Prison is satisfied with its work and has no doubt that the goal of promotion will be achieved. That said, they must have “humility. We can’t talk about promotion if we’re back to the playoff spots this week, you have to go step by step.” The results obtained to date are improveable, and more taking into account the market value of the squad, but a very important step has been taken that “footballers have become aware of where they are and in the last matches have competed as the category demands. We must continue along this line, although we know that it will be difficult because the environment is complicated, very pressured. We thought it would be easier.”

Finally, the transgaming.orging director, in addition to confirming that Valery Fernandez has a subsidiary’s record, spoke, without getting too wet, the possibility of losing Stuani in a hypothetical promotion playoff because of the Copa America. “It’s February and the goal is now the match against Huesca. I don’t think any further and when the time comes between all of us, we’ll work on it. Stuani’s involvement is total. He’s stayed up and I’m sure he’ll be with us until the end.”

They keep the purchase option on Marc Gual

Although Marc Gual has traded Girona for Madrid Castilla this winter, Girona still retains the option to buy over the striker in case of promotion to Primera. Quique Cárcel has revealed that Gual asked them to leave because the offer of the white subsidiary considered it “interesting” and the red-white club did not get in the way. “Even if he is now on loan at Madrid by Sevilla we continue to keep the purchase option in case of promotion. He’s still starting his career and I believe in him a lot,” he apostilled.