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Januzaj kills Becerril in the outrageous royal slate – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Royal Society imposed logic in the New Balastera and gave the Becerril no choice to dream of a surprise that was never close to arrival. Supported by the magic of Januzaj, who crowned her stellar performance with a hat-trick, the donostiarras settled the qualifier slate, because in just seven minutes they scored two goals that ended the illusions of the modest Palentino team, who stood with a lot of dignity for half an hour. After the break, the royalist team broke up with a punching display ending the match with a goal of scandal (0-8).

However, the weight of the match was always carried by the top-tier team, a Real that although he populated his lineup of regular substitutes in Liga, at all times he sought the goal of Sevi, especially with inspiration and connection by the bands of Barrenetxea and Januzaj. The Belgian started the game cold, but warmed up and reveled in the stands with a carousel of dribbles, changes of pace, pipes, resources of supreme quality, goal passes and, of course, goals. Made 0-2 after a wonderful personal move. And as soon as the second part begins made the 0-3 empty door to put dirt in the middle on the scoreboard. And he closed his particular hat-trick with a Spectacular goal of foul at the time was the hand in the New Ballastera. But then there was more. And before that, too.

Shield/Flag R. Society

Because it was Le Normand who opened the scoreboard and laid the first stone of the outrageous goal of a Royal far superior to the modest Becerril. The French power station topped in two times off a corner. From there everything was more comfortable for donostiarras. It was the 36th minute. Until then, the Becerril stood worthily, defending in order and having even a couple of approaches of some danger.

The 0-1 did a lot of damage to the ‘Bece’, and in the second half it was diluted like a sugar as the Real had fun based on good play and, above all, goals. Up to eight came to mark the txuri-urdin, but honestly it could be more than old the remarkable performance of the goalkeeper of Becerril, Sevi. The feast of Januzaj was joined by Ruben Pardo, Barrenetxea, and especially Alexander Isak, who replaced Willian José after the break and although he went erratic to the lawn, failing a penalty and a hand-to-hand incomprehensible way, then ended up being another highlight of the match by finishing by scoring two goals. Therefore complied with brilliance by the Real, and objective fulfilled of the Becerril de Tercera filling the New Balastera despite the severe corrective. In addition, players such as Sagnan and Rubén Pardo, who had not yet played a single minute this season, took advantage to vindicate each other. The Riojan scored a good goal wearing the captain’s armband, and the French central took another step in his adaptation to the Real Sociedad.


Isak (45′, Willian Joseph), Victor Gutierrez (54′, Diego Martín), Ismael Cardeñoso (63′, Angel Enrique Becerril), Oyarzabal (66′, Igor Zubeldia), Portu (66′, Januzaj), Royal Adrian (69′, Alberto Melero)


0-1, 36′: Robin Le Normand, 0-2, 43′: Januzaj, 0-3, 45′: Januzaj, 0-4, 48′: Ruben Pardo, 0-5, 62′: Januzaj, 0-6, 67′: Isak, 0-7, 68′: Ander Barrenetxea, 0-8, 74′: Isak


Victor Gutierrez (58′,Yellow) Angel Enrique Becerril (60′,Yellow) Ruben Sierra (88′,Yellow