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Javi Castellano: "I wish Viera stay, but it will be difficult" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Gran Canaria midfielder Javi Castellano's fifth consecutive headline match and where he played the full game. The appearance of Fabio squad seemed to close the property door, but when he had everything against him, he changed his luck, being one of the problems for Pepe Mel.

“I'm like on the field where I'm always after 100% giving and if I'm not playing expecting them to give me a chance. This has always been the case, although sometimes I play more and sometimes less, but I don't give up. I helped the team when I had to be a substitute and now also a starter, ”summarized the veteran canteran, admitting that he is“ just a name on the pitch ”because“ everyone is doing well ”.

He recalled that “the coach said that from the beginning even when we lost, where he said the team worked very well. Now we do not lack the luck we had at the beginning; now one player is missing and whoever enters does the sameHe congratulated himself.

After beating Numancia and just two points from promotion positions, it is “to keep up the momentum and be strong away from home, being solvent against a good team that has Fidel. We have to go game by game, because all teams are very complicated in the second and you never know if you will win. If we give 100% and run to each other, it will be very difficult for them to beat us"

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From the songs heard in the stands of Gran Canaria with the Iera See, stay & # 39; He said he is "a different player; I had the pleasure of playing with him for several years and it is a joy. Having an easy pass for him is always better because you know he will do well. I hope he stays, but it will be difficult. He came for the love he has for the club. If you don't stay, do your best in the remaining matches. "

On the other hand, to say that in the last hours the rumor is taking shape that Viera will be until the end of the season, which would be great news for the club, this way and with one of the players that is clearly making differences in the category with its 10 goals in 11 games, Pepe Mel's would be serious candidates to choose a position of rise to the First Division