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Javi Lopez: “What matters right now is winning, winning and winning” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Holder in Espanyol’s debut in the Copa del Rey, and central for the second time in eight days and in all his professional life, Javi López is clear about the recipe that must use the parakeet group not only to continue passing copera rounds, as he got this Thursday against Lleida (0-2), but above all to reach in LaLiga a stay that is located five points before this Sunday’s crucial visit to Leganés, with which he is tied in the table.

“What matters right now is winning, winning and winning, ” sentenced the captain of the Espanyol, in a reiteration reminiscent of Luis Aragonés’ famous words as coach of Atletico Madrid. “We are in a delicate situation in LaLiga and anything to add positive results is good for the team,” he warned, in relation to the morale that can give the parakeet victories like that of Camp d’Etransgaming.orgs. From that clash he highlighted the footballer who “the first half was more competitive, but in the second we imposed ourselves. We did the right things to make the spaces appear, that Piatti would appear between lines, we could turn around, face… It was our duty to win and take the playoff, because of the difference in category, and we did.”

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From his new role as a central profiled on the left, his umpteenth demarcation since more than a decade ago he debuted with the first team of Espanyol (he has acted as a national center by both bands, centro, extreme and even goalkeeper…), Javi López recognized: “It’s the first time in my life that I play central, but once again I demonstrate my commitment to this club. I’m at the coach’s disposal and I’m trying to do my best wherever I’ve been put.”

Prudent as usual, he abounded about it: “The assessments of how I am doing the coach must make, but I’m proud to keep contributing and adding my grain of sand, available to this shirt and the coach for whatever I need,” he rubric.