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João Felix did not ask permission to throw the penalty – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


João Felix did not ask permission to throw the penalty

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In the sporting town of Cerro del Espino, it is very complicated that Simeone can hide his cards. Before the match against Lokomotiv in Moscow, there were two sessions in which he rehearsed the penalty shootout with five or six players and at a distance didn't seem like João Felix was among those who practiced (Although it could be, because it seemed that Gimenez was among the headlines and finally did not reappear before the Russians).

The point is that the one who had to shoot from 11 meters was Trippier because Cholo acknowledged at the subsequent press conference that he was the best pitcher. It was seen on the pitch that João Felix wanted to give the first penalty, but the ball was thrown by Trippier, This hit the ball on the post. In the second penalty, João Félix did not ask permission Argentine coach (as he did against Villarreal for free) and He hooked the ball demonstrating his personality. Koke was seen consulting Mister and Morata (rarely 9 not being responsible for the penalty shootout, he trusts the scorer) wanting to risk it, but no one authorized the Golden Boy who sent him to the back of the net.

Constant attack. Atletico was harassing Lokomotiv. The Rojiblancos played 1-4-4-2 the few times he had to defend and a 1-4-3-2-1 in the offensive phase to fight 1-3-4-2-1 of the Russian team. Athletic attacked by the bands, inside, inside, with two against one in the bands. He did not speculate and always sought to attack anywhere. The rojiblanco team has always sought to progress in the game, with permanent offensive assistance, back-up, in-depth, back-up, and break-up support. And whenever the ball passed Joao Felix's boots, something happened. A penalty, a wall, a change of pace … A different football player to play with. The game was halted 1-0 thanks to the Portuguese penalty, but Atletico deserved a much bigger advantage.

Shooting on four wheels. In the second half, Cholo's team insisted on the attack and Felipe's goal arrived, a center that keeps growing and if he sees the door up, it will be increasingly important to the group. Atletico's first move was Héctor Herrera to Ángel Correa after 67 minutes. They were already 2-0 and Simeone decided to set up their media center, with Saul on the right and Koke on the left with Mexican Herrera and Thomas in the middle. Joao Felix was having fun and athletics enjoying his enormous talent. The second change came in the 72nd minute. Cholo broke the four-wheeled vehicle into Lemar (whistled by the respectable jumping on the grass) by Koke.

Third change And at 80 minutes he made the third change and He removed João Felix and entered Marcos Llorente. A substitute that the respectable didn't like, who already knows that every time the ball reaches the Golden Boy something happens. By the way, it was a good day for Saponjic to debut, but Cholo should prepare him for the Champions League qualifiers he achieved with his undisputed victory against Lokomotiv, based on a constant attack and João Félix's enormous talent, who showed his tremendous personality by not asking permission this time to make the penaltywhen, as you guessed from outside Cerro del Espino, he had not rehearsed either in the two sessions in which several Atlético players rehearsed the penalty.