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Joaquín makes history and packs Ruby Betis – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Joaquín makes history and packs Ruby Betis

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Twenty minutes was enough for Joaquín to finish Athletic, who came to Villamarín as the least beaten LaLiga team.

Buenos Aires final eliminated Biscay with first hat-trick of his career: road 39, also becomes the most veteran player who gets a triple in LaLiga, beating nothing more and nothing less than Alfredo Di Stéfano. Well, as was the captain of As green, who received last Tuesday as the most veteran soccer player in the active league. His renewal to 40 or to eternity, if he wills, will surely be announced this coming week. Ask for that mouth, Juaco.

Three kicks, three goals. One after Emerson's gallop (2)); the second with the highest precision, great thread that came after hitting the handle (11 & # 39;) and the third culminating in Loren's counter, which came thanks to one of the many recoveries from a saved Redivivo. The Mexican renewed (for two years) this week. Speed ​​and efficiency on the backs of two veterans, as a veteran, he missed Athletic. Williams had not hit a straight shot and Kodro had finished very badly almost on goal, 1-0 and 2-0 later. Packed with young and unremarkable peopleor (Raúl García, Muniain, Aduriz …) in the field, Gaizka Garitano's team seemed to digest the victory without question until shortly before the break Álex Moreno committed a penalty by hand, as demanding as silly.

Williams turned (3-1, 44 para) to give your team some hope in the second half. Garitano rebuilt his eleven, putting Unai Núñez to play with three centrals and try to take advantage of Capa and Yuri. It was precisely Zarauz's side of a shot that surprised Joel, the one who put the game spicy when there was little news in the areas (3-2, 75)), because there is no Betis without suffering and Ruby's team is still pinned. Joaquin onlyhowever He deserved to end the afternoon with the bedroom, but Unai Simón avoided it. The great heliopolitical captain deserved victory.


Victory rating against Athletic: “Although it seems that there are groups that become accessible, you can never trust yourself. In football, you can score in any situation, we had to reach the end with a greater advantage, but we controlled a lot of defensive situations well. ”

Start of your team match: “We didn't expect this before an opponent who didn't score goals. But we're fine now and above, there are good players that make a difference. "

Game: “The idea is always to stay strong at home. Today could have been. Players are hungry for challenges and beat them. "

Keys of Triumph: “I don't think the small details have won the game. Joaquin was decisive and we played a great game. "

Words about Joaquín: “There are old players who keep showing that they are very good and make a difference and we have Joaquin. He didn't give me time to tell him anything. I told him at break not to lose that ambition and look for more. He lost poker in the end. "

Good team time: “The team had suffered a lot so far, but we couldn't suffer so much. But we have seen green shoots, we did not deserve so much adversity. Let's go for everyone, we search more and more and move on. We have reached a good time for the match against Espanyol, it will be a special day and we will have a bad time. They will put us on the ropes.

Edgar: “We already saw that he was at the level of his players. He is already the first player. "


Athletic Club coach Gaizka Garitano regretted on Sunday after losing 3-2 at Betis that "in the first twenty minutes" the game "was" in reference to Joaquín Sánchez's three goals of the season.

The Basque coach, in the Benito Villamarín stadium press room, said at the start of the game "a little of everything happened, that in the first three that arrived (Betis) scored three goals" and that his team failed to "went as usual, not too intense and with loss of balls ".

"We didn't get into the game well, and from then on it was very complicated," said Garitano, who insisted on his "poor balance", which added to his rival's "quality" with players who are "top" "

The coach of the Bilbao team added that in this situation of adversity "That's when you have to see the team, group unity, not give up and work" and that in the second half "the defense was recomposed and the team was more balanced, but overcoming a 3-0 is not easy".


Unai Núñez (45,, Inigo Cordoba), Sao Jose (68 ', Ohian Tirapu), Wilfrid Kaptoum (72 & # 39; Diego Lainez), Borja Iglesias (76 ’, Loren Morón), Javi Garcia (79 & # 39 ;, Edgar Gonzalez), Gaizka Larrazabal (81,, layer)


1-0, 1 & # 39 ;: Joaquin, 2-0, 10 & # 39: Joaquin, 3-0, 19 & # 39: Joaquin, 3-1, 43 & # 39: Williams, 3-2, 74 & # 39: Yuri


Referee: Valentín Pizarro Gómez
VAR Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez Izquierdo
Unai Núñez (45 amarelo, yellow) Wilfrid Kaptoum (73 Amarelo, Yellow) Williams (76 Amarelo, Yellow) Sao Jose (85 amarelo, yellow) Saved (93 amarelo, yellow) Unai López (94 amarelo, yellow