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by: Adam Smith


With Guti's arrival on the UD Almería reserve bench, players like Coric, Chema, Aguza, Lazo or Vada rubbed their hands. for the care that former Real Madrid had with the ball in his time as a player. The last two are being central to the Madrid coach's plans, the Samboyan is also taking minutes; however, Croatian and Cigarrero, besides being pure mediapuntas, are not on rojibanco's teampartly by the drawings used.

Although it is changing depending on the party and the situation of the same Jose María Gutiérrez, it is betting on a 1-4-4-2 in which the great beneficiary is being Juan Muñoz, forming the point of attack with Darwin Núñez. At the last meeting, after the expulsion of La Hoz, the Almeria coach moved to a 1-5-3-1 which I could repeat in Fuenlabrada (with one more tip). In the first two meetings, he opted for 1-4-3-3. In any of the three schemes, the pure half-point figure is less prominent., especially at 1-4-4-2, the most used.

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* Data updated on December 12, 2019

Not surprisingly, Chema barely attended a meeting of the five that Guti led at Coric's UDA, on the other hand. The cigarillo was indisputable in the half point with Pedro Emanuel, especially in the initial section. Specifically, he added eight titles to the 17-minute Pyrrics he played at Heliodoro Rodríguez Stadium. The meeting in Tenerife is the only one he played with Gutierrez, that left him out on three of his five calls.

Before Coric, he landed in the southeast of the peninsula of Rome, which implies. Although it was difficult for him to join the Almeria team, little by little he was making a hole, playing Pedro Emanuel's last two meetings in Almeria, as headline. It was also the game at JMG's debut, which removed him after 72 minutes, without wearing red and white again. Both accuse the disappearance of the figure of the pure midfielder, which puts them in the exit ramp of the winter market..