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José María Gutiérrez’s first cake: eliminated from the Cup against a rival of Third – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


“We’re not used to playing on this kind of field. 120 minutes weigh for the legs. That’s what the Federation wants. We accept it and congratulate the Tamaraceite”, José María Gutierrez said after the elimination. The Almería made a fool of itself in Las Palmas with the worst possible scenario: defeat to a Third Division, overtime after a long journey and injury from Sekou, one of his best assets to go out in the winter market. It is the first stain of José María Gutiérrez, a stain that for visitors will forget on Sunday if they win before the Ponferradina and consolidate in direct ascent, an award that will be engraved on fire in the history of tamaraceite in one of its glory days. As that kind of second of Primary that is measured at the fifth one with nothing without loss and much to gain, faced the Tamaraceite his meeting before the Almería. A delicious candy for a team that only five years ago was not even in competition.

José María Gutierrez saw how in the 5th minute sekou was injured after a jump, complicating his exit at the winter window, depending on the severity of his discomfort. The red-white coach changed his schedule again at the start, with a trivote of juicers in the engine room and only one point, debuting Rubén Enri, top scorer in the national category after the Spanish-Senegalese injury. Only Maras repeated the eleven guy. The Tamaraceite, for its part, was not a sweet orita, with ex de Las Palmas, with David López, David García and Asdrúbal.

Shield/Flag Almería

It was one of the least named on the lawn that made the initial both. After the first half of the first act a side fault launched by Aguza was completed by Ozornwafor in his second place in just five days. That’ll take away once you pack your bags in a few weeks. The meantime did not amite the Tamaraceite, avoiding René the matched. Zizu had the tie with one shot inside the penalty area. So is Asdrúbal. But to beat the Primary fifth class, barely any mistakes are allowed.

Almería had the sentence in the boots of Chema, Coric and Rubén Enri, also generating a lot of danger in stop-ball plays initiated by Aguza. It was precisely the Catalan midfielder that had the clearest chance of the second half. With twenty minutes to go, Chus Trujillo modified the drawing to act with two tips, burning cartridges with nothing to lose. And he was right about his changes.. In 76′ Zizu put the match and four minutes later, Eros Delgado made Juan Guedes derail after a corner kick thrown by Romario, just entered, and author of the assistance after the visitor’s clearing. Key players from the bench.

The red-whites did not lower their arms and in one corner the other central appeared. Testarazo de Maras in a corner launched by Coric, who scored a new attendance the discount for second consecutive duel, and thirty more minutes, a double torture for an Almería that could be brought back forward through Rubén Enri. However it was Asdrúbal who recorded his name for the story with a 3-2 for the story. To give more heroictous to the playoff, the Palmense left his team with less cash when he saw the second cardboard in the celebration. However, the Almerians did not take advantage of the quarter-hour in superiority, falling to a team that makes four courses competed in the sixth division of Spanish football.


Ruben Enri (10′, Sekou Gassama), Romario (62′, Julio Báez), Eros Delgado (72′, Samuel Casais), José Corpas (83′, Fermin Ruiz), Hannibal Padrón (94′, Zizu), Daniel Albiar (113′, José Romera), Hector Marrero (115′, David Gonzalez)


0-1, 25′: Valentine Ozornwafor, 1-1, 77′: Zizu, 2-1, 82′: Eros Delgado, 2-2, 91′: Nikola Maras, 3-2, 105′: Asdrúbal


Valentine Ozornwafor (4′,Yellow) Alberto Rodriguez (10′,Yellow) Julio Baez (58′,Yellow) Gaspar (84′,Yellow) Romario (85′,Yellow) Asdrúbal (104′,Yellow) Asdrúbal (106′,Red) Ante Coric (120′,Yellow