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Joselu diminishes Lega's joy – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Joselu diminishes Lega's joy

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Mendizorroza points distribution between two rock teams. One granitic and the other marble. Usually, they have to fight until the end of the season to reach the goal of permanence. The curse is still active as the Alaves never won in Primera al Leganés. Not even Atletico Madrid. They are the only two clubs that can say that.

Garitano made three forced changes for injury and penalty shootout and also incorporated Duarte and Burke in the initial eleven. They were in Pina, Laguardia and Wakaso. Real news has come in from the squad since Dani Torres and Javi Muñoz were on the list, very unusual players in the ideal of Garitano. But the absences in the spinal cord were sensitive. In fact, who was on the list was Burgui, but appeared pre-match with some fever. Javi Muñoz He therefore sat on the bench.

At the Lega, there was only one news: Omeruo entered by Rodrigo Tarín. From there, Jonathan Silva repeated as central leaving the bands for Bustinza and Kevin Rodriguez. Rosales, who seemed to be coming in, did not do well. "Basque" Aguirre knew he was facing a club cucumber icon and did not want to risk too much on the day of the Celtic. It was a cross between two direct rivals, where there were more than three points at stake.

The first part was hard to digest. Him Alaves He was forced to take the initiative but had no talent. He dominated the entire first time with a folded Lega that came out of the gang in distress thanks to the track additions Bustinza and Kevin Rodrigues. Precisely the French-Portuguese served a magnificent pass to Braithwaite after 43 minutes and the accident was ended with a 0-1. Before, they had their own Kevinwhich shot high at 15 and Lucas Pérez, who tried with a hard dry kick at 33 & but went to the clouds. Alavés rested with 68% possession and the whole pickle with 32%.

If in the first half the Madrid team had returned with the score from 0 to 0, in the second half, passing ahead, passed the center of the field. But when he did, against that, he created danger. Yes, he defended himself with three lines together and a well-planted goalkeeper who had his plus and minus with the rock bottom of the Alaves. The VAR protocol was brought to light again with clamorous gameplay that didn't explode., goalkeeper paradones (in the Pacheco case) and then raised the flag. At 20 seconds Dying of nervousness. Fair result in resolutions, but very questionable method.

When the Leganés seemed to take the three points, there was a confusing play in the small area that Cuellar couldn't hold back and Joselu, cleverly, pushed the ball into the net.. The goal was revised and, after several minutes, was granted. Another silly technological football. You can no longer raise your arms in joy. You will not need to narrow them down and your idiot face remains.


Cristian Rivera (57 & # 39; Oscar Rodriguez), Luis Rioja (Martín Aguirregabiria, 70), Borja Sainz (76 & Oliver Burke), Erasmus (76 & # 39 ;, Roque Mesa), Lisandro Magallán (87 & Aleix Vidal)


0-1, 43 & # 39: Braithwaite, 1-1, 80 & # 39 ;: Joselu


Referee: Caesar Soto Grado
VAR Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández
Rodrigo Ely (1 amarelo, yellow) Youssef En-Nesyri (7 amarelo, yellow) Joselu (41 amarelo, yellow) Omero (60 amarelo, yellow) Jonathan Silva (71 amarelo, yellow