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Jurgen Klopp can’t imagine Liverpool farewell – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Jurgen Klopp cannot imagine a departure from Liverpool at the moment. This is what his adviser Marc Kosicke said in the Sport1-Podcast “Dear Football”. “Jürgen loves this club and I don’t know at the moment what would suit him better. And he doesn’t know,” Kosicke said.

Kosicke has been working as an adviser to Klopp since 2007 and brought him to Liverpool FC. At first, the negotiations did not look like an agreement, Kosicke revealed. But Klopp and his coaching staff were keen to talk to the Reds after an internal discussion: “During a strategic break in the conversations with the own strikers, I saw on my mobile phone the text message from Jürgen: ‘Don’t go. We all want to go there now!'”

Meanwhile, the successful coach has extended his contract at Liverpool until 2024. “Liverpool is currently setting itself up for the long term. It is also about planning security. Players like Mane, van Dijk, Mo Salah, they should all extend or already have. And of course the manager plays a big role here,” Kosicke explained of Klopp’s long contract term.

Kosicke: “Big clubs have already inquired about Nagelsmann”

In addition to Klopp, Kosicke’s clients include Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt and Julian Nagelsmann. Kosicke came across some of the coaches through Klopp. “In the early days Jürgen was my best scout. Whether it was a Sandro Black or a Torsten Lieberknecht – he always said: ‘Look exactly which coach can make cream out of shit. (…) He recommended some to me,” Kosicke said.

While for the first time since taking over as head coach, Kohfeldt is currently not doing so well (ranked 17th in the Bundesliga), Nagelsmann is at the top of the table with RB Leipzig. ‘He’s endowed with an unwavering self-confidence. Julian has always had great goals, but this is neither performance-reducing nor arrogant for him,” Kosicke explains the success of Nagelsmann.

His contract with Leipzig runs until 2023. Leipzig is the right club for Nagelsmann at this stage, Kosicke says. “There have been big clubs asking about him. But he’s so young, that’s madness. If Julian is a coach until 50, he has 18 years left. There will certainly be some good clubs outside Leipzig,” Kosicke said of Nagelsmann’s future.