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Keylor, a wall in the Champions League – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Keylor, a wall in the Champions League - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Keylor Navas, 32, maintains with PSG in Europe the level it exhibited with the Real Madrid and that led him to win three European Cups. The Costa Rican has been the best goalkeeper in the champions league stage by fitting only two goals (the Benzema doublet in the Bernabeu) and leaving the goal to zero in four of the five matches. Only Ederson, Ter Stegen, Neuer, Meret, Oblak And Gazzaniga approaching their numbers.


Ederson has just stayed with the goal to zero to match the records of the tico. The doorman Manchester City has played the same matches that Keylor, five, has conceded the same goals, two, and left the door to zero three times for the four Navas. Ter Stegen He has been another of the most outstanding receiving three goals and with two goals to zero in five matches. Barcelona’s goal was especially in the goalless draw against Borussia Dortmund. Alisson has also received three goals with the Liverpool and has stayed to zero in one of the four matches he has played. Meret, at Napoli, he has conceded one more goal, four, and was left to zero in three of the six games played. Neuer and Oblak have the same figures with Bayern and Atletico: five matches and three matches to zero. It follows them Gazzaniga Tottenham’s goal, with five goals against and two goals to zero in four games.

Worst figures record Courtois and Cillessen in Real Madrid and Valencia. Both have received seven goals. The Belgian he has left the goal to zero in two matches of the five he has played and the Dutchman in one. While Areola has fitted one goal and left the door to zero in the other match he has played. Jaume Doménech he was not scored in the only match he played in the group stage.

On the opposite side to Keylor, Ederson, Ter Stegen… Are Borjan, the goal of the Red Star who has conceded 20 goals and hasn’t left the goal to zero in any of the six games, Coucke, Genk’s goalkeeper, who has received 16 and stayed in a match without fitting out of five. Muslera (Galatasaray), José Sá (Olympiacos) and Maignan (Lille) picked up the ball from their net 14 times in six games. The first two stayed in a match without fitting while Lille’s goalkeeper was scored at all. Above or with ten goals conceded are Piatov (Shakhtar) and Livakovic (Dinamo Zagreb) with 13, Mignolet (Witches) and Gollini (Atalanta) with 12, Vlachodimos (Benfica) with 11 and Kolar (Slavia from Prague) with ten.

Goalkeepers in the Champions League group stage

Goalkeeper Team Parties Goals received Goalposts to zero
Keylor Navas Psg 5 2 4
Sergio Rico Psg 1 0 1
Courtois Real Madrid 5 7 2
Areola Real Madrid 2 1 1
Mignolet Witches 6 12 1
Muslera Galatasaray 6 14 1
Neuer Bayern Munich 6 5 3
Lloris Tottenham 2 9 0
Gazzaniga Tottenham 4 5 2
José Sa Olympiacos 6 14 1
Milan Borjan Red Star 6 20 0
Ederson Manchester City 5 2 3
Claudio Bravo Manchester City 2 2 0
Gollini Atalanta 6 12 2
Piatov Shakhtar 6 13 0
Livakovic Dinamo de Zagreb 6 13 1
Szczesny Juventus 5 4 2
Buffon Juventus 1 0 1
Oblak Atletico Madrid 6 5 3
Hradecky Bayer Levekusen 6 9 1
Guilherme Lokomotiv Moscow 5 9 0
Kochenkov Lokomotiv Moscow 1 2 0
Alisson Liverpool 4 3 1
Adrián Liverpool 2 5 0
Meret Naples 6 4 3
Stankovic RB Salzburg 4 9 0
Colonel RB Salzburg 3 4 0
Coucke Genk 5 16 1
Vandevoort Genk 1 4 0
Ter Stegen Barcelona 5 3 2
Net Barcelona 1 1 0
Bürki Borussia Dortmund 6 8 2
Handanovic Inter 6 9 1
Kolar Prague Slavia 6 10 1
Gulácsi RB Leipzig 6 8 1
Anthony Lopes Olympique de Lyon 6 8 1
Vlachodimos Benfica 6 11 1
Lunev Zenit 2 2 0
Kerzhakov Zenit 4 7 1
Cillessen Valencia 5 7 1
Jaume Valencia 1 0 1
Kepa Chelsea 6 9 1
Onana Ajax 6 6 3
Maignan Lille 6 14 0




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