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King’s Cup ? Elche asks Athletic to let Andoni Lopez play in the Cup – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


King's Cup ? Elche asks Athletic to let Andoni Lopez play in the Cup - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Elche has asked Athletic override the ‘fear clause’ with Andoni López and let him play next Wednesday in the Cup match at Martínez Valero. The left-handed side dreams of facing Athletic. Right now he is a substitute for Javi Cruz, the best in his second position, and pre-envisioned by Pacheta in Copa is that the player trained in lezama will take that position in the KO tournament. That is, even Andoni’s line-up could be beneficial for Athletic, although his motivation would have to be counted on, scratching the maximum.

Andoni entered Athletic Juvenil B in 2012 from Danok Bat and has been climbing through all the categories of red-born club: Basconia and Bilbao Athletic. He came to play a match as a lion, against Girona, the famous meeting of the three plants with Ziganda in which Iñigo Martínez debuted and the thing did not go well. This year he’s been playing for Elche this year.

He recently commented in an interview with As that he learns every day watching Yuri. Last year he was loaned to the Almería. “I was lucky on the first lap of playing a lot, at a very good level, I was a debutante in the category. The bad thing was the subsequent injury. I couldn’t tell what differences there are with the Elche, but both teams want to be in First,” he says.

The relationship between Athletic and Elche (who will revive a match lived as a final 51 years ago) is very fluid. The technician, Pacheta, has been in excellent dealings with Ibaigane since his time in Numancia. Elche has been the destination of several lions in recent times: Unai Simon, Urtzi Iriondo, Etxeita and, currently, Andoni López. And they pretend to be either Guruzeta on loan after his long injury. Pacheta, his coach, has known Lezama very well since his time at Numancia. There were talks to play a pre-season or next stop pageant in March. “We know that if we want to move on, the rivals are going to get tougher. Elche is one of Segunda’s strongest teams, it’s a single game. We know the field, it has dimensions that are fine,” Garitano said. as soon as you know the draw. Martínez Valero was the home of the previous Lions Cup match, as Intercity had to move here because they did not meet their field for not meeting the required conditions.