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Klopp, restless: “I hope Atletico doesn’t sign Cavani” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Klopp, restless: "I hope Atletico doesn't sign Cavani" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

In the middle of next February, Atletico Madrid will face Liverpool for a ticket in the Quarter-finals of the Champions League. Even though it’s still for their confrontation, Jurgen Klopp he already talks in the press room about his rival’s threats and, moreover, his possible movements in the winter transfer market. In particular, the possible addition of Edinson Cavani.

The Liverpool manager praised the current forward, although he positioned himself for his preference in the transfer slot: “I think Morata and Joao Felix are dangerous enough in and of themselves. I think Diego Costa won’t be on the way, but maybe on the way back… Atletico is good enough already, I hope they don’t sign Cavani although if they don’t they will be a very complicated rival anyway.”

However, Klopp confirmed that he had not yet set out to take an in-depth look at Atletico Madrid, but he is a team he has seen on many occasions. “We’ll see what happens, whether or not we have to deal with Edinson CavaniHe said. Anyway, with a month to go before the showdown, anything can happen.

Klopp: “The Africa Cup in January is a catastrophe”

In addition to talking about Atletico and his game at the weekend, Klopp gave his vision for the African Cup date change from 2021 to January. The ‘red’ coach showed his outrage that the new programming would have an impact on his team: “We have to think like a club and make decisions. Knowing that for four weeks we won’t be able to count on them doesn’t help“.

I can’t respect the Africa Cup anymore. It’s a very interesting tournament, but playing mid-season is a problem that’s obvious. Changing it to January is a catastrophe for LiverpoolKlopp claimed, that he could lose capital footballers as Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mané. Keita, too.