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La Lazio vets Cristiano’s feast – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith




In another Italian Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, with most banners with the image of Cristiano in the stands, Lazio wins 1-3 and takes its fifth title in this competition.

La Lazio vets Cristiano's feast - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Cristiano laments a missed opportunity this Sunday.

It is already two consecutive editions in which Italy transfers its Super Cup to Saudi Arabia. Spain will premiere in January. Today’s football stuff. In the stands of the stadium of King Saud University, in Riyadh city, banners abounded with the image of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese name was chanted at every intervention. It didn’t matter that they just participated, that they were Paulo Dybala And Bentancur who pulled the cart or even that Lazio ended up claiming the title of champion (1-3). His fifth Super Cup.

The Roman painting, which already defeated Juve on December 7th at the Olympic (3-1), turned the duel into a continuous street. He took advantage of the spaces perfectly and was able to resist in the outcome of the powerless arrivals of the Vecchia Signora.

Juventus needed to feel the initial slap of Luis Alberto to be aware that a title was being played. Until the 16th minute, when the goal of the Spanish midfielder came, Lazio was a cyclone. An anarchic team, opposed to the traditional Italian style, that advances towards the rival area as if it had no goal of its own to defend. Its sides are extreme; their midfielders, strikers. And so it is (almost) impossible to guard a result in favor.

Lulic, that left-back turned attacker, started the play of the first goal with a center to the second suit towards Milinkovic-Savic. This one put it into the heart of the area and there he peeked Luis Alberto to define the squad. The Gaditan, who is still bent on convincing Luis EnriqueHe was named the best Serie A player last November. Paradoxically, the advantage hurt the Roman painting, unable to gather lines and protect the result. I’d end up paying for it.

Dybala opened up his rival in the canal with dizzying conductions. It’s easier if there’s no opposition. And the center of the Lazio countryside shone by his absence. Luis Alberto, Lucas Leiva and Milinkovic-Savic crawled. A constant in the game of the Roman ensemble, which unprotected its rear and Juve took advantage of the present. Strakosha he refused a shot of Cristiano and the rejection was attended by Dybala unopposed. The Turin team found the prize on the edge of rest. A revitalizing goal.

Sarri modified the system and sent Higuain to the shower, which maintains its tangled relationship with the finals. He hasn’t scored in one since the 2014 Italian Super Cup, still in the ranks of Napoli. Christian left the band, where he placed Ramsey, and went on to occupy the battering ram position. Although he still didn’t see the light. No shot in the second half.

But Lazio again showed that it floats more comfortably if it doesn’t rule in the match. He returned from the fierce wardrobe, just as he had started the first half. Yours is the attack. And his biggest weapons are the side ones. Lazzari, right-hand laneer, focused on Left-hand LaneEr Lulic, who released the final whip to the net. Cataldi, in a masterful misson at the discount, ended up squealing the feast of Cristiano Ronaldo’s followers.

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