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La Polica accuses Huesca of paying 315,000 euros in metal to try to climb Primera – SPANISH FOOTBALL

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La Polica accuses Huesca of paying 315,000 euros in metal to try to climb Primera


igo Lpez, when he arrives in the courts of Huesca in May.

The Judicial Police accuses the Huesca C.F. pay 315,000 euros in cash to try to go to the First Division two years ago. The judge instructs that the so-called Operation Oikos has just revealed the secret of the summary, to which EL WORLD had access, in which the researchers maintain that all Oscense allocates an important amount of money in metal to pay a premium to the Reus team aiming to win Real Valladolid on June 4, 2017. In this way, Huesca accesses the playoff of ascendance to Primera and Valladolid was left out, an extreme that has only happened since the match ended 2-0.

According to the intervening documentation by the agents, Huesca was forced to disburse the amount referred to Reus players and the intermediaries who participated in the delivery of the money. "The amount that constitutes the premium Huesca paid to Reus" amounts, according to the Policy, to "250,000 euros". However, he maintains that he had to pay "an extra 20,000 euros for the labor force intermediary, Aritz Lopez"

To bring this metal figure together, the agents argue that Huesca "resorted to individuals who deal with metal quantities in the usual way." Among them, former Real Madrid Carlos Aranda and Ral Bravo, to which he assigns a loan of "125,000 euros" for this operation. He also states that the club president, Agustn Lasaosa, put 10,000 euros; the doctor, another 10,000; one football player representative, 25,000; and Jacobo Sanz80,000.

The link between the cash "funders" and the Osca club was, the Judiciary Police continues, the football player. igo Lopez, at that time in the ranks of Huesca, to which "bonds of friendship and professionals with each of the creditors". "As a consequence of the foregoing," continues the Policy, "each fund developer negotiates the price of the loan delivered, so that each lender will have to repay the principal plus a consideration."

"Given Huesca's lack of liquidity, it has been proven that part of the repayment of loans plus his interests is met by igo Lpez through cash provisions in his bank accounts, specifically 140,000 euros." Another part was returned, in the opinion of the investigators, by issuing false invoices by the company that carried out the expansion works of the Huesca stadium, Pryobra 2010, S.L.

Police came to this conclusion after reviewing a WhatsApp conversation between igo Lpez and another of the collaborators, in which he said that "they have the theme of the works to put it […] to receive bills now […] You know … they have to make it well done. "

"Lastly, Huesca kept the last place that gave them the right to play the promotion playoff by beating Levante on the last day (1-2), but were defeated in the ascendant championship by Getafe, being that team from Madrid that will rise in this First Division Season, "Apostille.

The instructor also agreed to nullify the precautionary measures imposed on the former Real Valladolid captain, Borja Fernndez, which consists of the withdrawal of the and the obligation to appear before the court every 15 days. The judge maintains that Fernndez is investigated for the alleged love of a single meeting (Valladolid-Valencia last season) and that so far he has scrupulously complied with the imposed measures. As a result, he does not see any signs that he will avoid legal action and allows him to travel abroad.

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