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La Rojita’s touch challenges Senegal’s muscle tonight – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


La Rojita's touch challenges Senegal's muscle tonight - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Spain reaches the decisive crosses with the confidence that gives it its good group stage and with the advantage that the experience brings (it is their tenth U-17 World Cup, while Senegal it premieres). La Rojita it is also clear the roadmap to follow from the Senegalese’s view so far in the tournament: do not let the match reach the final minutes with the result in the air. The Africans have scored seven goals in the championship and six have been in the second half (the remaining was at the first discount). Analyzing the minutes the statistic is even more extreme, because five of the seven (71%) have come from the 70th minute. They feel comfortable taking the match to the final stretch and then trying to impose their physical superiority. Serves as a warning what happened to Holland, a selection of a level and style of play very similar to Spain: he started winning Senegal, squandered very clear occasions in the first half and ended up losing 1-3 with two so-in-hearts received in the final minutes.

Faced with this stronghold of the rival the best recipe is to score soon. Something La Rojita has become accustomed to: Tajikistan and Cameroon opened the can in the first 20 minutes.

Pedri. So far the whiteboards come and the elaborate in the laboratory of the technical bodies, but there is an equation that no one can solve: Pedri. If the canary has the day, it is very difficult that Spain is not in the quarters. He has magic in his boots, but also has a higher rhythm than the rest because of the experience that has given him to compete this course with the first team of Las Palmas. Every time he catches the ball something different happens, so we’ll have to try to get it to him.

In addition exists in Spain the doubt of Valera, the captain, who arrives among cotton. If you decide not to force with him thinking about what’s coming, David Gordo could choose to reinforce the medium with three pivots.