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Lack of Cup, Loss of Identity: Part of Groupama Stadium Tired? Aulas responds – Football – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


MADE 1 – Two days after watching players wipe away the blast of some of the Champions League supporters, Jean-Michel Aula was kind enough to respond to certain criticisms. Why Lyon no longer wins? Do Olympic leaders care more about their shareholders than about sports results? Answer from the head of Eurosport.

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"We don't recognize each other in this team"

However, this break seems obvious with more deeply rooted roots. It's not just about Marcelo. It's not just this Tuesday night. From Bruno Genesio to Marcelo via Rudi Garcia, it has been months since the Lyon club encountered a sling, more or less lively depending on the season, to some of the supporters. What is the origin of evil? Tried answer. "We do not recognize ourselves in this team", the cry to the heart of Robin *, a supporter of the Olympics, regularly sounds at Groupama Stadium. The issue is the professional staff who now fetch much less from the academy.

According to him, the departures over a few years with Samuel Umtiti, Corentin Tolisso, Maxime Gonalons and Alexandre Lacazette helped to extract the identity of an eleven much smaller team in Lyon. "All that matters now is the added value, getting in the money and Jean-Michel Aulas no longer cares about the level of the team", Robin continues. Thomas, inserted into Bad Gones, draws the same observation:"Today, we have the impression that our executives are more accountable to their investors than to their supporters", has been raging for supporters of the Olympics since the year 2000.

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Aulas: "A Generation Recruiting Video Games"

"It's not a theme for me", replies Jean-Michel Aulas."As we dominated Ligue 1, we played with fewer youths from the academy. And when young people come to see me because they want to travel, I have no choice."In Lyon, the entrepreneurial logic collides with that of those who decorate the north. Aulas always:"Corentin Tolisso signed in Bavaria for a record sum that allows supporters to settle in Europe's best stadium with very low prices. When Aouar comes to me in two years to go to Real, I can't hold him back."

To listen to those who want it in their club, the origins of the break are simple: Lyon has not won in many years (note: the last cup goes back to the Coupe de France 2012). And inevitably, for a whole generation tired of titles, like having a good pack of points ahead of others on the evening of the 37th day was the norm, it's unbearable. "There is an even younger generation, social media", mends Jean-Michel Aulas."The one who recruits on video games and who has the impression of being more competent than the managers or the coach in place. The generation that has seen Lyon win knows that competing with PSG is putting itself at risk for the future. But obviously everything is possible on computer games and social networks."

Jean-Michel Aulas

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Aulas: "We cannot be ahead of Qatar"

Robin is 24, Thomas, 27, seven of whom are frustrated waiting for the reunion with the big night. Malik has 27 and the same irritation. Spoiled rotten generation? "No, we have to stop it. We have the second budget of Ligue 1, Strasbourg, Monaco, Rennes, Guingamp and even Saint-Etienne have won titles since 2012. And not us. Do you think that's normal?", pretending to question this Lyonnais' regular Gerland before migrating to Décines.We save all of Europe in the 2000s. Today we can lose to anyone."

For Jean-Michel Aulas, the observation is necessarily different: "Today, it is not the fault of the supporters or the leaders, but of the French state or European football organizations: we cannot be ahead of Qatar"he repeats."At some point we will come back when there is a need for regulation. Therefore, you must be resilient, have financial power. We are participating in our 23rd European campaign in a row, should I remind you? It's more than any other French club. Our young supporters need to step back, social networks turn heads on the most fragile among them: today the one who wins is the one who has the greatest financial power."

The arguments of Olympique Lyonnais owner may not succeed in convincing the most hostile edge at Groupama Stadium. Now is not the time for reconciliation.

* The name has been changed upon request from the interview object.