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LaLiga "Chen, we need your double here" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Ten of the 112 shareholders present at the General Meeting had the opportunity to publicly present their doubts and suggestions to the Board of Directors. There were profiles of all kinds, such as María Freixedes, an "outraged" young woman organizing last year's women's meeting at the RCDE stadium against Atlético"I didn't like that no registration fees were charged and disputed on Easter Monday," he said, keeping the "forgotten" presidency of the female.

One of the shareholder complaints was the president's lack of presence in Barcelona, ​​as he speaks only once a year and communicates via videoconference. APMAE's Daniel Bonilla commented that "the president is missing, we can't have an ethereal person." In the same vein, Josep Ferrer continued, who uttered one of the morning sentences: "We want twice as much here."

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Another of the most repeated moments at the last Council was the parliament of Eduardo Calero, who brought a Chinese interpreter to go directly to Chen. Perarnau was the critic's goal: “I've never seen a person as helpless as Oscar, is there no option to fire her? He shuns his responsibilities, his name or figure. You must choose a brave and leadership person. If you can't change the club's culture, in three years it won't be a good investment, ”he said. Sergio González also ensured that "10 players remained" and that "a coach is needed to make them think so badly".

Pablo Ornaque, who closed the parliaments, recalled the 1989 decline after playing the UEFA final. “A president's court is the marker. That year we sold the top three, two of them to our rival. Next time, let's go to the second, ” Drawing parallels Arnau Baqué repeated that "we need to professionalize the club with parakeets" and that the club "lives with its back to the fans." APrane's Ferran Marín said that without selling players the club would have lost eight million and that the club contradicts itself in supporting football by being played on Mondays and, on the other hand, standing by its side. fans.