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LaLiga ? From Vila-Real to Cornell: a transfer of 30 million – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


LaLiga ? From Vila-Real to Cornell: a transfer of 30 million - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

This Sunday from Barcelona to Vila-Real will move a caravan of parakeets with the illusions renewed, after the tie in the derby and the signing of Raúl de Tomás. Two clubs, Espanyol and castilian, which have a special relationship the last seasons, which transcends the mere football showdown. In the last five years there has been a transfer of footballers that has given Espanyol 30 million euros of profit, arguably the best perico payinger discounting Betis this summer, between the money paid by Borja Iglesias and the compensation of Joan Francesc Ferrer, Rubi, who is approaching that figure too.

The relations of this lustro began in the 2014-15 campaign, when Eric Bailly, who still had a record of the subsidiary and had only participated in five matches with Sergio González, went rumbó to the Estadio de la Cerámica. A signing that was already paid to Fernando Roig’s club, as they subsequently sold to the central for 40 million euros to Manchester United. They had paid 5.25 to Espanyol, in need of urgently paying some of their deiness with the Treasury.

Next up. A year later, the last days of the market of 2016, Villarreal paid four million euros for Alvaro González. In his day, Espanyol had invested three kilos for the Cantabrian central and Paco Montañés, who did not finish curdling. But Alvaro, who played as a starter for two seasons and offered a good performance.

To that amount we must add the 750,000 euros that the Castilians paid for Javi Fuego in the 2017-18 campaign, a signing that was a point of disentture between Quique Sánchez Flores and Espanyol, a relationship already deteriorated since the summer. Mainly, the perico club saved the Asturian’s record, which exceeded 2.5 million.

But, without a doubt, the great operation that binds both sets is that of Gerard Moreno, transferred in June 2018 for 20 million euros (the Villarreal paid the clause, owning 50 percent of its federative rights).

In total, the perico club has paid 30 million euros from Villarreal, a club that always puts an eye on Espanyol and its best players. A relationship that is already spreading over five campaigns.