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LaLiga Santander | Today the sentence of the Case-Lift-Zaragoza & # 39; will be given – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


LaLiga Santander | Today the sentence of the Case-Lift-Zaragoza & # 39; will be given

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The holder of Valencia Criminal Court Number 7 He quoted the parties today to disclose the final decision of the first macro-trial of Spanish football to the alleged size of the 2011 Levant-Zaragoza. The judge's verdict will be made public after 11 am, one and a half months after the trial and nearly two months after the oral trial has been completed (the last hearing was on October 18).

The magistrate Manuel Aleis shall decide between the request of the prosecution, both private and public, LaLiga, Deportivo de La Coruña and Prosecutor, a two-year prison sentence for all defendants, and six years of disqualification on any sports field, and a fine of 3.4 million per trial, as reflected in his final findings, amending them. In addition, the three Real Zaragoza executives are also charged with a crime of documentary falsity.

In the meantime, the defenses based their main argument on the annulment of the judgment because it is a process that, according to their criteria, was based on an unlawful assumption of breach of professional secrecy by Javier Thebes. Therefore, they requested the acquittal of their clients.

It was Thebes who denounced the events in 2013, two years after the meeting, as a private individual before the Money Laundering Brigade in his time as LaLiga vice president, to be aware of the facts of an alleged client of his office, a player from Zaragoza, who asked him to make the complaint. He declined to reveal his identity during the trial without confirming that he was among the 42 accused.

The 36 players accused were the 18 summoned by each team on match day. A fact that is very much questioned by defenses when considering that all players of both models should be. Thus, indirectly, it was the coaches who determined which players should be present in the dock, as some lawyers claimed during the trial.

It is noteworthy that the investigating judge, Isabel Rodriguez, even tried and dismissed the case for not being able to prove any kind of crime. However, the Provincial Court of Valencia He ordered the reopening of the investigation. More than eight years later, there will be a verdict.