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Lawyer calls for case against navel – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Alexander Noverd groer erer after his horror foul against Mijat Gacinovic

FC Schalke 04’s 1-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt at the weekend was a minor matter. The reason was the brutal foul of Alexander Nubel, who pushed Frankfurt’s Mijat Gacinovic to the ground with a kung fu kick. Following the end of the Schalker goalkeeper banned by the DFB for four games. But now he could be much more threatening.

For example, the portal “Der Westen” has a letter from the lawyer Thorsten Peppel to the Essen Public Prosecutor’s Office. He cannot understand the criminal case against N’bel and calls for an investigation to be opened.

“Anyone who commits a spa injury by means of another dangerous tool will be punished by a guide of 6 months to 10 years, in less severe cases from 3 months to 5 years,” the letter reads.

According to Peppel, the dangerous tool is the stollen shoe of the Schalker final man. The man, who was suspended for six games in November, intentionally knocked Freiburg coach Christian Streich on the sidelines.

Peppel believes that N’bel risks the health of his opponents with his foul much more than Abraham.

“When something like this happens on an open street…”

Asked by the paper if the letter was serious, the lawyer replied: “Of course. If something like this happens more openly on Strae, criminal defense lawyers will immediately take the net steps.”

If the Essen public prosecutor does not intervene in the letter, Peppel wants to contact the city of Dortmund: “The lawyer wants to help when it comes to a case against a Schalker.

On closer inspection, the reason for Peppel’s efforts is obvious. Finally, the lawyer from Neu-Isenburg is a self-confessed fan of Eintracht Frankfurt.