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Leganés and Andorra ask to change departure date – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Leganés asked the Spanish Federation's competition department (RFEF) that the Copa del Rey match, which is due to be played next Thursday, December 19, against FC Andorra at 21:00, should be played on Tuesday. 17. The petition, which is Joint and carried out by the Principality club, is based on the schedules established by LaLiga for the previous day and the previous day, so that, in Butarque, they understand that the collectors' interests will be less affected if the The date you choose is Tuesday, not Thursday.

The request is logical, because Leganés competes against Alavés in Vitória on the 16th day of the League on Friday, December 13, with plenty of time to rest before playing Tuesday in Andorra. If this World Cup match is played against the Principality's on the 17th, the pickles will be harmed the following day, which they play on Sunday 22 December at 12:00 against Espanyol in Butarque. A duel for which, therefore, they would barely have two days off … and not even that.

Leganés Coat of Arms / Flag

In Leganés, they do not rule out that, due to Andorra's geographical peculiarities, they have to spend the night in or around the Principality to return to Madrid the day after the game. That is, in the scenario where the duel was played on Thursday, the Leganés would have to return on Friday. There would hardly be a day and a half to prepare the vital duel against Espanyol.

Stadium Earrings

In addition to the round-trip issue and the rest period after the game, in Butarque they are waiting to know in which stadium the game will be played. FC Andorra, owned by Gerard Piqué, plays regularly at Prada de Moles Stadium in Encamp parish. It is a stadium with a capacity of only 500 spectators. Your field is artificial grass.

Andorra's local media reported in recent days that the match could be played at the Andorra National Stadium in Andorra la Vella. With a capacity of 3,000 spectators, this venue also has artificial grass, but it has the blessing of UEFA. Andorra's national team plays their games there, so RFEF should not be a problem if it is the choice of the local club, so that this is the place to play this duel.