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Leganés Braithwaite, the multipurpose "Juegalotodo" of the Leganés – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Martin Braithwaite became more than an attacker for the Leganés. With the arrival of Javier Aguirre, the Danish striker has modified his football to offer a more sacrificed but no less effective version. The Mexican got used to using a 5-3-2, which sometimes has four midfielders. There, this pivotal blue-and-white salvation player is camouflaged as a pamphlet in the past course, which today is on its way to playing a vital role, even though it is offering its services for other functions.

Because now Braithwaite steps less area, but puts its effectiveness at the service of other functions. To defend, press the exit of the rival ball ie the executor of the cucumber cons. This issue in which on Sunday, before Celtic, led a curious statistic. Of all the headlines, he was the player with the best passing success. 88.9% of his 18 attempts went well. None of the other ten players aligned by Aguirre has reached such a high percentage.

But despite this new, more sacrificed defense version, he was also the second most shot cucumber in the game: he tried three times, twice between sticks. It was also, with In the city Nesyri, the one who got the most dribbles (four) without fail. A show with limit on the lungs.

At 74, Aguirre replaced him to enter Carrillo. The Dane was fatigued, circling the entire stadium in the middle of a standing ovation that acknowledged his effort and importance. Key role in the team that also had with Pellegrino and Souvenirs. So much so that he is, of all the cast, the only player who played in the 16 contested days and the third in terms of number of minutes (1,224) just behind Silva (1,260) and Bustinza (1,246).

Leganés Coat of Arms / Flag

Braithwaite started in 13 of those 16 games played and scored three goals, which makes him, after twice the Oscar also against Celta, in the second biggest Lega director tied with En Nesyri, with whom he maintains a healthy goal. Virtues, all of them explaining why Dane is a cornerstone. The multipurpose "Juegalotodo" of Leganés.