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Leganés is no longer Europe's leading red lantern – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Leganés's triumph last Sunday against Celta allowed the pickles to leave the red lantern First division. It was not the only last place stopped by the pickles. Before the meeting, andThe Madrid team was the least top scorer of the major European leagues, but the unusual happened: Lega scored three goals and He made Spal honor so doubtful (last in Italy) and watford (last in England) with nine targets each.

The fact that he is no longer the worst producer in Europe may be anecdotal, but in the case of Leganes it was vital to leave such a black trend. Heavy on defense issues (fits 15 of 16 days and still has a waterway in the set ball), the ineffectiveness of the attack did not help the blues and whites to track the flight.

Leganés Coat of Arms / Flag

Because this team steps in the area. He steps on that a lot. So much that It is the 11th set of the championship in terms of auctions held. In total 183 attempts by those who only entered eleven. This is: Leganés needs 16.6 shots to score a goal. An excess that, against Celtic, was corrected.

On the day that was already over, the Leganés returned to play abundantly among the twigs. With eight shots at the door, Aguirre's were the second most tried team on the day just behind Barça and their 17 kicks against Mallorca. This time, however, I try so hard that I end up with goals, this issue where trust is vital. He was recognized by the hero of the triumph against Celtic.

"I was looking forward to scoring and with good self-esteem for doing the first one," he said in the mixed zone after being asked about the beautiful 2-0 proposal. Kevin Rodrigues' 3-0 was also an exercise in faith. A distant shot that, perhaps with another marker, perhaps with more pressure, the Portuguese would not dare to execute. But he did and the ball ended up in Rubén's net. It was the first time Lega has scored three league goals since May 3, when he beat Sevilla 0-3. Also the first time in the entire league that, in a match, achieved more than one goal per game.