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Lendoiro encourages Fernando Vidal to apply – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Still assuming the second resignation of a president in less than a year, Deportivo fans are already waiting to see what their options are after the resignation of Paco Zas. It has not been a day since the president decided to leave, but for now no one stepped forward to run as a candidate. Yes, Augusto César Lendoiro He already pointed to his. The former president, who stated last night at Cope that "It is not my aspiration to be president, but I could not refuse& # 39 ;, he encouraged today, in words to the TVG, for Fernando Vidal to take the reins.

All the lights point at Vidal without him speaking at the moment. In charge, together with Richard Barral, of the sports area in the early years of Tino Fernández's term, he was second in the May elections, gathering about 24,000 shares (Paco Zas won with 34,000 titles).

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After criticizing Tino himself for, in his opinion, "manipulating the process" to elect the new president, Vidal withdrew from the foreground and was barely seen in recent months, In addition to attending the presentation of the & # 39; Depor Small & Medium Shareholder Association & # 39; led by Germán Rodríguez Conchado.

In recent weeks, there have been movements of other candidates in May. Blonde issued a statement to publicly request the return of Lendoiro, announced that the former president would have his shares. After Corcubión's public support for Vidal, it will be necessary to verify whether this commitment is maintained by Loire.

In the absence of just over a month for the new elections, sportsmanship expects to know as soon as possible which candidates are offered. redirect the direction of a drifting ship with still 80 million debts for those who face and who walks steadily towards the Second B.