Euro 2020

Leroy Sané: Secret plan with FC Bayern – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Leroy Sané had apparently forced another transfer to FC Bayern in the winter because he was afraid that his big dream might burst. But now a lightning comeback beckons.

  • Leroy Sané has been working for months with the FC Bayern Associated
  • His Cruciate ligament injury prevented a transfer last summer
  • In winter, Sané allegedly once again his farewell to Manchester City

Update from February 27th: In the meantime, it has been more than seven months in which Leroy Sané was no longer on the turf in a game. On August 4, the offensive star pulled out a Cruciate ligament tear and has since fallen out.

Seven months without a mandatory game is a long time. Especially when a big tournament is coming up in the summer. After the disembarkation shortly before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the 2020 European Championships the very big dream of Sané. Fearing he will miss this tournament, the 24-year-old apparently pushed for a move to the tournament in the winter FC Bayern.

How the Sport Picture reported, had Sané the fear that he will be in the return round under Pep Guardiola not get enough betting times and thus loses his place in the squad of Joachim Löw. As we know, nothing has come of the winter deal, but on the part of the DFB Teams continue to build on Sané. Supposedly, it could even be a Lightning comeback for the international matches at the end of March. Germany meets Spain on 26 March and Italy on 31 March.

“I’ve also heard that Leroy is making great progress,” said the national team manager Oliver Bierhoff in the Sport Picture: “I know that the coaches are in exchange, but I can’t say yet whether it will be enough for the international tour in March. But the sooner Leroy comes back, the better. Of course, we are very much looking forward to him.”

Whether the last sentence will soon come out of the mouth of a person in charge of the FC Bayern will be heard? The record holder also recently had to digest an injury shock. Robert Lewandowski was injured against Chelsea and is out for weeks.

Leroy Sane: Raid on player advisors – transfer to Bayern Munich before the end?

pdate of February 24: The player advisor to Leroy Sane and Jerome Boateng is in the sights of the Spanish authorities. Europol is also said to have intervened in the investigation. There is therefore a suspicion that Fali Ramadani, 57, evaded taxes and laundered money laundering. Of course, the 57-year-old denies the allegations. Rather, the police visit was a routine measure: “I had a normal tax check, as everyone has to do. We’ll see what comes out of it,” he told Bild.

The Spanish newspaper Ultima Hora reports to the contrary. The visit of the officials is said to have lasted a full six hours. A long time for a “normal tax audit”. Police are apparently investigating whether Eastern European entrepreneurs laundered millions of dollars through a Majorcan company.

Ramadani is scheduled to testify at the Criminal Court in Madrid as early as next week. For FC Bayern, the confusion could have big consequences. Finally, Ramadani was to arrange a transfer from Leroy Sane to Munich. A possible criminal case in Spain could result in the match consultant being blocked until further notice. The transfer negotiations would thus be made more difficult. An initial contact by Bayern’s CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is said to have already taken place. Only Leroy Sane is said to have been the subject.

Suspicion of money laundering? Raid in luxury apartment of player advisors of Sane and Boateng

First report of 23 February: According to the Spanish newspaper Ultima Hora Spanish investigators have combed through the luxury apartment of consultant Fali Ramadani in Majorca and seized documents. The player advisor of World Champion Jerome Boateng and Superstar Leroy Sane is suspected of systematic money laundering. Other consultants and ex-players will also be targeted, according to the Marca investigated in the same case.

Sane adviser raid: Serious allegations against Fali Ramadani

The 57-year-old is regarded as one of the big players’ advisors and was instrumental in the 60 million deal Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt to Real Madrid. It now appears that he has to resign on suspicion of Money laundering and the crime against the Treasury before a national court in Madrid.

As recently as last year, the FC-Bayern*-Profi Jerome Boateng The consultant*, Manchester City winger Leroy Sane surprised in January with the change of consultant (we reported). Fali Ramadani is a key player in LIAN Sport, which is considered the fifth most valuable consulting agency on the market. He is regarded as a stripper when it comes to international transfers.

Sane adviser raid: Fali Ramadani Well-known player, dubious reputation

Ramadanis Company LIAN Sport represents other high-profile players such as Kalidou Koulibaly and the German Diego Demme, both from SSC Naples or Miralem Pjanic from Juventus Turin. But also Bundesliga stars such as Filip Kostic (Frankfurt) and Marko Grujic (Hertha) and Juve coach Maurizio Sarri are based at the company Malta under contract.

It is not the first time that Fali Ramadani has Determined in 2007, TuS Koblenz signed two players from Partizan Belgrade and in return approximately 260,000 euros commission paid to Ramadani and his business partner, but a second contract appeared, in which the commission was more than doubled. However, only the first contract was submitted to the DFB, which therefore deducted nine points from the detected systematic kickback payments and the TuS.

Raid on Sane consultant: Ramadani is not unknown – Does raid affect Sane transfer?

Also for Sham transfers Ramadani is well known on the scene, and his name also appeared in the 2005 trial of former Leverkusen manager Reiner Calmund, when he was investigated on suspicion of infidelity. It is considered photo-shy and usually acts as a Shadowman, which is considered a persona non grata by many clubs.

For the FC Bayern The question now is whether a possible conviction of Ramadani will have an impact on the desired transfer of Leroy Sane.


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