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Lift Coke: "Playing central is no stranger to me" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Derby Blow: "The scare ended the blow and so on. Now it's time to regain strength and recover and I think there are many things to rescue from Valencia day. Obviously, it's a tough defeat, in a classic and much more in our home, but the team at many stages of the game, we did what we had to do and then escaped in others. That's where we should improve, because Granada's game will be against a direct rival and we will have to make a very good game for ourselves bring the three points ".

Game Center: "The central game is not too strange either. Last year it was my turn in Seville at some point. At Rayo, until the first year it was almost the joker's coach. Where one was missing, I dressed and that's it in the end we all have the same role in the team. We should try to help and when someone is missing due to some circumstance we should do our best and try to do our best inside. If we need to do it again, or in any other position, very happy. "

Rising Shield / Flag

How did he see Elisha in his debut: "Obviously, for someone who is going to play his first game in the First Division, that desire and momentum need no one to give him. But I think we all had a duty to close Elisha in this case. It was a complicated. where nerves and feeling are in full swing. I think he played a practically perfect match even though we got a lot of goals. But hey, that happened for other circumstances too. I don't remember that part but he had the bad luck I hope that, and not for injuries, he deserves to be with us again. I believe he will remember the premiere forever and will have to remember with joy and satisfaction. "

This year is not playing much: "When you don't regularly participate in the games, obviously there is a lack of competition. In practice, I try to do my best, but not at that rate. But well, that's it. There are times. You have to play eight games in a row. and practically did it, and others have to work from the bank. Now we're in that situation. Tap to keep working, keep doing your best in training. When you tap the opportunity, do it in E to add, so that the goal of team, that now more than ever, the word team makes a lot of sense for casualties, but we have it all year. And we all in that locker room know that. "