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Lift "I'm not surprised what Granada is doing" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Lift "I'm not surprised what Granada is doing"

 - Transgaming 1

Grenade: I'm not surprised what Granada is doing. Especially when teams rise, they maintain this inertia and illusion. There is a brutal commitment and they stick to the idea of ​​the coach and the people who have become new to the team are giving him that degree of experience and maturity. So do not surprise. I look forward to a match similar to the one we are playing. They end up taking you to your field to have a high tempo, to enter your field. They are intense in pressure and expect a balanced match. We will have to mark our brand and from there try to match its intensity.

Call to: Yes, it was a nice surprise to see Wicker and Cabaco training normally. It is true that Cabaco has been inactive for a longer time. We also have Gonzalo and Coca-Cola. But it is good news to have the centrals. And Clerc feels some adductor discomfort the other day. He suffered in training and we have 100% of Toño. There are two circumstances, no risks and the fact that Toño is better.

Soldier: I have no idea what happened in the summer. He went out in various media, but there was no contact with him.

Coke: Let's see, not to be your natural position and you know its features, it does not stand out for its corpulence. He is a very competitive player, he was good at something very important which was helping the boy. I congratulated him personally. Except for the typical mistakes in this position, especially with two exchanges, I think it was very correct. This is another aspect that we need to improve. We have virtues and defects, but we have to grow in mindset. We should learn from these things and improve this aspect. Both at certain times when you have received some scam. But it has to appear and we have to improve this competitive gene. What happened last week hurt a lot, no one likes to be tracked. But things happen to learn.

Goals against: If in football … Our mission is to analyze what happens, but each game is a story. There are many details that influence. We will not make excuses. There is a reality that we have conceded four goals and we have to improve in different ways. Our goal is daily improvement and demand.

Disgusted players: As a coach, I try to be realistic and understand the situations. I always said that I am happy with the team and I am convinced that with this model we will have a very good season. No player has indicated at this time that they want to quit.

Leaders: Yes, they exist. What happens is that you need to realize more. Halos halos. But it is true that, I insist, we should have a greater impact on this mindset. They know that, we talked in the locker room. It is important to detect the defects and try to solve them.

Line five: The analysis must be done. At Getafe, everyone scored with a set-piece. I don't think it was about playing with three or not. This does not mean that in each game we decide what can work for the team. Worrying doesn't worry me. You have to deal with problems or situations. Let's value it all. People who have trouble seeing what it's like. Let's try to see the options, value them and decide what is best.

Standing ball: That worries us. Ever. It is an important facet today in football and in this category more. Last season we were very effective under these circumstances. Getafe Day attracts attention. It's a facet that we work on every week. We have a lot of impact, as I think almost all teams. We don't have a very powerful team in terms of size, it's reality. We have to find other solutions.

Injured during the match: Without fear. The only thing we will try to value is everything. Depending on your feelings and need. Like that, you never know if you can succeed or not, what happened to Melero in your day. It is unpredictable. But we will try to get eleven to assure us and the people who are prepared in case of any setbacks.

Own names: In general, everything. Highlighting something in Granada would not be fair. It has unbalanced bands, sideways that rise well, front auctioneers … Comes with this inertia, this illusion and will be very difficult, especially at home. Another challenge for us.