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Lift Morales: “The night before Madrid I will remember it all my life” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Lift Morales: "The night before Madrid I will remember it all my life" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

What a night on Saturday…

Yes, a night to remember all my life. The night, sunday, all weekend… Actually, it’s been very exciting. I think my family deserved it too, that they are the ones who have been by my side all this time, and the truth that seeing them happy makes it a little more special as well.

How do you celebrate something like that?

The truth was that we had training the next day, so that day we couldn’t do that. I left almost at one o’clock in the morning between some things and others. It is true that on Sunday I went to lunch with my parents, my family and my partner’s family and with her. We were remembering the game a little bit and especially enjoying it. I imagine all the Levantines would do the same.

Two goals for Madrid, two victories against his childhood team…

In the end when you’re small and you watch football you almost always like the ones you win. That’s a reality. Luckily, here in the Levante there’s a job behind that’s getting kids hooked on the club. But I tell you that as a child I could not imagine myself being a football player and being lucky enough to play in the top category of Spanish football is already a pride and doing what I have achieved is also a source of pride. Scoring Madrid twice in the two victories I got with Levante is very nice.

How did you live the goal?

Three or four minutes earlier, still a little more time passed, I have a very similar play in which I decide to make a hat for Ramos and yes it is true that as the play ended my first reaction when the move happened was to think that I should have kicked. Yes it is true that I knew that it was going to be the change and the play is very similar, but on the other side and with a more vertical pass, and I decide to finish it and with the luck that ends in goal and with all the repercussions that it has after. I remember everything was going very fast. I see Nikola puts it on and for a moment when I see her come out I don’t know if I’m offside or not. I decide to run and all I think about is finish ingover for everything that had happened before and then everything happens very fast. When I look at the ball it’s inside and I hear all the people screaming and celebrating.

The celebration was a very nice part of the goal.

Yes, in the end it’s been a long time without having that feeling. He had a little bit of everything. The thrill of the stands singing a goal of mine again, the adrenaline of scoring a goal for Real Madrid, the rage that also wore inside and even then sees it. And, well, in the end it’s a mixture of feelings that come out one after the other. I tell you that these were the feelings I found the most: emotion, joy and anger.

And then came the change and the ovation of the Ciutat.

The stands have always shown me their affection since I arrived. In the end I feel very identified with the signs of the club and with everything it represents. Each of us tried within the pitch to demonstrate those values of effort and sacrifice that in the end within this are very important. The truth is that it was very exciting to hear people again even chant my name as on previous occasions and I will always be very fond of this hobby.

And finally, in that cluster of emotions lived on Saturday is the final beep, with all your companions hugged you.

In the end in there we are a family, we consider ourselves all brothers and above all we help each other. Just as other teammates are unplayed or have been in a situation similar to mine, we try to help each other and above all we are happy with what each one achieves. That makes the team very close and noticeable within the pitch. The final beep is the joy of all, the satisfaction of the work well done and above all get the three points before one of the best teams in the world.

Beyond re-scoring, how does a player like you handle that transgaming.orgs bump?

In the end, it all takes its job. There is a daily job, in training, we are fortunate to have a person inside the club who works so that our mind s at certain times we know how to handle it better and in the end you try to do what you know. When I play football, I try everything. I’m a player who, even though maybe i’m not right in the dribble or the last pass, I’m never going to stop trying, thinking that sooner or later everything arrives. And that’s the thought you have to have. Beyond the end result. All during the season we have a process and within what one can handle try to do it in the best way possible.

Precisely one of his greatest virtues, beyond his qualities as a footballer, is daring and trust.

yes, in the end you have to keep doing the things you’ve done all your way. In the end it is one of the words that Paco uses most inside the locker room, that we are a daring team, that we are brave. And in the end who follows it gets it. Whoever doesn’t try doesn’t know what he’s going to find. And in the end it’s the right thing to do, to question it over and over again because by statistics it will end up coming out.

A virtue that represents the Levante of Paco López.

One of the things Paco told us when he arrived is that he saw us suffer on the pitch and that it shouldn’t be like that. Suffering gives us life beyond football and we had to enjoy it on the pitch. It is true that little by little it has been introducing its hallmarks and we have seen that the team has been evolving season after season trying to follow the guidelines of the mister. I think that’s the right way. We have to choose the path of the more things we do well, the more chances we have of winning.

The mister has always had pleasant words for you. What’s the relationship between captain and coach like?

We have a very good relationship. Beyond the transgaming.orging, personally we also fit in. I think since he arrived he’s earned the respect of all the players in the locker room and I think his character is based on being a good person and instilling in us. In the end it is very difficult to try to make all the players inside the dressing room happy, because we all ask and think that we deserve more minutes than we enjoy, but that’s game stuff. And within that complicated role That Paco has, try to take it in the best way possible.

Your renewal for when?

I’m calm. There’s been a problem, so to speak, that’s the pay cap. The club had it quite high and it has been decided to leave it for later. In the end, both the club and I want to stay linked for many years and I think that’s how it’s going to still be.