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Liga Santander: Arthur’s Slips: Between Injuries and Immaturity LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith





Bara aora the football start of the Brazilian midfielder, who today will also not be able to play against Alavs at the Camp Nou.

Liga Santander: Arthur's Slips: Between Injuries and Immaturity LaLiga Santander 2019 - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Arthur, following his goal against Villarreal at the Camp Nou.

The center of the countryside is the Holy Grail of Bara. The point on which, since Johan Cruyff took the reins of the Blue Team, in the late 80s, they have pivoted the essences of the play that he likes so much at the Camp Nou. Xavi Hernndez and Andrs Iniesta have been two of the great paradigms of players who fit like a glove in that style. And, on his arrival at the club, every inviteto think that Arthur Melo was going to follow in his footsteps. The expectacin generated by its first minutes as a Azulgrana, however, has given way to the decepcin because of its lack of continuity. The physical problems, and extra-transgaming.orgal algn slip, have become their great ordeal, at a time when their presence could give the team that way of aorada baln, as seen before Real Madrid.

His festive condition even stowed out a series of rumours about his bad habits that, from the club, are vehemently debunked. They claim Arthur’s discharge is because he’s injured. Nothing else. The Brazilian, however, has made some mistake that has not helped his image. TV3 found, for example, that he had left for Andorra to make Snowboard being siding for a pubalgia.

In the last clsico, there is much less control of the game in the midfield that has characterized the Barcelona outfit in the last year. Even the Blue-cnic, Ernesto Valverde, admits without problems that his contest can be vital in many other matches.

When “they squeeze us too high”

There’s no time I can come back. We are waiting for you to resent those inconveniences you have, which have already penalized your past year. It suits us very well especially when there are teams that squeeze us very high, to get the game out from atrs, seal the technician after the 0-0 of the mircoles. Last season, Arthur played 44 games for Bara, 27 League, Nine Champions League, seven Copa del Rey and one Super Cup, although he does not finish any of those he play as a starter in the league championship.

Injuries, as well as forced him to miss a total of 10 duels (seven League, two Champions League and one Cup) in the last field. At present, he already accumulates six absences in the League and two in the Cup and he will not be able to play again with the blue-wing outfit until the coming year. For the last of 2019, the one that is held today before the Alavs, neither enters the call.

One of his possible spare parts, in addition, the young Riqui Puig, remains in limbo for now, even though his irrupcin generates a lot of expectacin. At the moment, it does not enter into the plans of a Valverde that does not prev, in principle, highs or lows in the next winter market. I’m counting on what I have, and I don’t expect there to be any changes. Then, not to happen, seal the cnico at the press conference before the duel before the Alavs.

Busquets Earrings

I don’t think about backup. I think of the ones I have, the coach, who contends, that is, that i be able to count on a Sergio Busquets who could not play against Real Madrid, segnwill explain after the duel, by a feverish process. The badia midfielder entered the call-

The clsico, cmo no, seques yesterday focusing much of the service. Above all, because of the crtics that were produced by the fact that Real Madrid dominated many phases of the game. We must always be completely superior to the opposite so that our environment is happy. But sometimes we make it and sometimes we don’t, i.e.

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