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Liga Santander: Excelso Getafe, incombustible Molina LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

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The veteran tip, who turned 38 in April, signs a double in the 2 part with which he adjusts an invisible Valencia in attack

Jorge Molina celebrates one of his two goals for Valencia.
Rodrigo Jimnez Efe

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The Getafe punched himself on the table to run as a definitive candidate to finish the League in the top four, after winning 3-0 to Valencia, unable to face an excellent group led by the incombustible Jorge Molina, author of two of the so many of his team. Jos Bordals’ team doesn’t seem to have any lmites. It’s a reality. No one can doubt why he is third in the rankings. He is intractable and Valencia, another candidate to play the Champions League, was literally run over by the Blue Cup.

The duel was highly anticipated at the Coliseum. Since last season an indita rivalry was born thanks to the sudden aparicin in the elite of the Getafe, which, suddenly, and for two courses now, rubs shoulders with the greats and fights for a Place of Champions League. The past year is taken from Valencia on the last day. In the Quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, he also eliminates the Getafe in two hot duels that ended in treadstones after the lap crash. And, this year in League, the 3-3 final in Mestalla culminamin with a possible hand of Marc Cucurella that not pit neither the Munuera Montero nor the VAR.

With that background, a sixth duel between the two teams with outstanding accounts was expected, separated by only two points in the qualifier. Before the initial beep, the Getafe was third and Valencia fifth. You can’t ask for more equality for a duel with a modern European scent.

To take the three points, the cynic Jos Bordals post for ten of the eleven gladiators who stormed San Mams last day. Only the presence of Jorge Molina in the place of the Brazilian Deyverson tossed new air into his alignment. That decision may have been key, because the veteran striker, almost always infallible, wasted several clarsimas in the first half. After all, he’ll fix his mistakes.

Valencia, lost by the ced of the Coliseum with the hangover of the eliminater to Granada, received a bao of colossal dimensions in the initial act. Lost on the pitch, his players, with Rodrigo Moreno recovered from physical annoyances, were constantly overcome by the Blue set.

The blue roller

The men of Bordals pulled out the roller and with a consistent presin with much more will based on the tireless effectiveness of the Uruguayan Mauro Arambarri and the Serbian Nemanja Maksimovic in the midfield, they managed to corral a team that peds clemency.

However, they failed in the art of goal, the most important. Jorge Molina, had up to three very clear occasions. The first, with a finish erby from outside the rea saved Jaume Domenech, without a doubt the best of the Valencian draw; and the second and third, with two clear headers that I sent out of the ch porter when he has everything in favor to inaugurate the scoreboard.

The carousel of opportunity was joined by Maksimovic and Cucurella with a double header that tambin acert to clear Domenech, desperate in the porter in the face of the inactivity of his compaeros, who did not once finish the goalkeeper of David Soria. Rest came as a baln of oxygen for the Celades team, needed a couple to reflect on their horrible first part. I didn’t serve. After the resumption, the Getafe continued with the siege, and, after a clarsima ocasin that fails Jaime Mata, justice was done in the Coliseum.

Florenzi’s short circuit

It was Jorge Molina who is in charge of ending Valencia’s resistance and, by the way, amending his first-part mistakes to stand as the hroe of the duel. Finally, in the 58th minute, a loose baln appeared to be topped off the net in the rea that ends in the web of the jan of the Domenech. Valencia’s resistance is over and its despair increased little after.

The capitn of Getafe invents an unthinkable move inside the rea, with breaks about Diakhaby and Gabriel Paulista who could only be direct witnesses to the goal of Jorge Molina. On a couple of tiles, show Bordals that he’s got rope for a while.

In between, there is no shortage of yes clsica bronca between the two teams by an input of Robert Kenedy about Gaya inside the rea. Cucurella recrimin to the Valencian side who had thrown himself and rode a good tangana. After that, already with the 2-0, the Italian Alessandro Florenzi was expelled by an ugly entrance on The Cucurella himself.

It was the image of the despair of Valencia, humiliated with the third of Jaime Mata to the edge of the end. The Celades team generates nothing. More well, the Getafe, a team heavily criticized by many who claim to practice anti-ball. The men of Bordals proved that this is a very fat lie. They play very well. And they win. And they sweat with the Champions League.

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