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Liga Santander: “I’m motivated to be the most expensive player in the history of Espanyol” LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith




Ral de Toms claims to have recovered in his first da as white his essence as a player, the same that he had lost in six months with Benfica

Ral de Tomas, during the present with Espanyol.

  • Toms’ ral.

    Beat Matas Vargas as essaily most expensive signing of Espanyol

Toms Ral doesn’t regret responsibility. Espanyol’s new striker, the most expensive signing in the club’s history, is very clear. Over the last six months, segn confesses himself, ideed much of his essence as a player. Something that, in just a few hours as a new blue-white footballer, already feels he has recovered. It has signed a contract until June 30, 2026 and costs 20 million euros, which will be paid in a series of deadlines agreed with Benfica. His rescisin’s clusula is not officially unveiled. Segn seal the vice president Carlos Garca Pont, by club policy. Perhaps, with the memory of Borja Iglesias’s march to Betis, it is very fresh in everyone’s memory. What is clear is that much is expected of the former Lightning striker, formed in the lower categories of Real Madrid. And I, of course, are convinced that you’ll be up to it.

I’m motivated to be the most expensive player in the history of Espanyol. It’s a very important club, with a lot of history. It’s something that fills me with responsibility and I’m going to take it on, seal the tip in his official present as a new blue-white player. It’s the responsibility I’m going to have, and I accept it. In these months in Portugal I have not been well, I have lost things of my essence, but since I started to speak with the Espanyol I started to recover the ilusin and the desire. I know I’m going to have a lot of weight on this team, and I don’t mind taking it on, i stress.

Just by being here, I’ve already regained my essence. What ever happened to lose it, they are things that are going on, you have to live it. I’d rather not talk about the past. Everything I lose in six months, I’ve recovered in a da, insisted a Ral from Toms who arrives at Espanyol to give him that goal that has been lacking so much in this first half of the season. I’m very competitive, it’s my big argument as a person. And with the club’s place, an ms. I like to fight for good things and get them, the striker assures. That’s why, segnpunt, has signed such a long contract: For m it is important to have a long contract, and for the club also. My idea is to get great things here.

Tamudo’s example

From his point of view, in this sense, following in the wake of Ral Tamudo, who also played for a few years in the Lightning, will be simply perfect. Of course. Tamudo is a perfect example for any player, for any striker. I’d love to do it the same way I did. As a club, Espanyol is very familiar, like the Lightning. My family is ahead of everything and I wish people feel like part of their family, highlighting a Toms Ral who wanted to thank the blue-white entity for his person. I am very grateful, I appreciate that the club in the situation where I was paid such a large amount for a player that he was almost not active, he explains.

He knows very well that he has a great challenge ahead of him, no matter how much he prefers not to name it. But first and foremost, he is convinced that Espanyol will have an xito in his struggle. I don’t want to talk about salvacin, I’d rather talk about looking for a goal. If we go for everyone, I’m sure we can make it. I’d like to be a great character in this story. I think we’re going to make it, I felt it. We have five months ahead of us to achieve the goal. We all work to achieve the best for the club. In the end we will see the situations that occur with the people that we are here, but we will leave the skin to achieve it, because as it is deserved the club and its people, add the technical secretary, Rufete.

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