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Liga Santander: Real Madrid’s least top scorer of the dcada LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith




In all 18 days of the League he adds four matches with a draw to zero, the never before. Zidane’s clinging to defensive solidity: only 12 goals conceded

Liga Santander: Real Madrid's least top scorer of the dcada LaLiga Santander 2019 - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Benzema laments after missing an ocasin to Athletic.

Zidane insists that not going to the winter market to remedy the poor goalscoring efficiency exhibited in the final stretch of the year. Charlome Christmas. The alarms have been set by adding four matches with a draw to zero goals (Atltico, Betis, Barcelona and Athletic) in the first 18 days of the League, what never seen in 90 years of championship history. A misadventure that has triggered the comparative search of negative statistical data from the white team. Experts, such as Pedro Martn or MisterChip, gain followers on social media after diving into the most discouraging children’s archives. It must be put in, exclaims by the Franks, who has no unease about the blunt attack of the last compromises. It’s streaks, the ball’s going in, sure, it’s insorcial. In the last 270 minutes, Real Madrid has achieved a goal: Benzema after the miraculous headbutt of Courtois in Mestalla.

Sunday’s blank draw at Bernabu against Athletic closes an ao with an extraordinary lack of toe. Benzema is the only one that sustains an acceptable effectiveness. The rest barely pointed at the end of the plays. Asensio is on leave, Bale it’s intermittent, Vinicius wastes everything you earn with overflows, Rodrygo an is in the coccin phase. In addition, Zidane does not confure in a regular tenant on the bench: Jovic, and in a forgotten: Mariano. Both unsuccessfully claim opportunities to prove their valas. The Serbian’s contributions are testimonial and unfortunate: pitches to the sticks and so many not granted by anti-regulatory positions. The espaol with Dominican descent have not existed: it has been summoned once and by lesin of a compaero. He doesn’t add up, but he doesn’t want to leave.

Christian’s Aoranza

The march of Cristiano Ronaldo I opened to Mariano and Jovic some doors that have not been breached. The records of Portuguese are as superb to the pretrite as lacerating for the present. In this natural year, without Cristiano, Real Madrid have scored 100 goals in 39 league matches, six Cup matches and eight Champions League games. The most effective Benzema, at 27, well below the 33 of Messi in the natural year that now ends. In 2018, with half ayear with Cristiano, the figure scored by Real Madrid amounted to 142. The hundred goals were widely surpassed in 2017, with 156, and in the previous seven years: 152, 140, 178, 156, 156, 167 and 130, respectively.

In this season, the Bernabu Stadium team has been left unscored in five matches, something that only happened four times in the last leagues. He has tied to zero in two official matches in a first row in 13 years, this has not happened since March 2006.

Comparisons are squeezing. Messi, Luis Surez and Griezmann add in the League 30 goals, slightly less than all Real Madrid players: 37. Benzema, with 12 is by far, the most successful. The second highest scorer of the present course is the central Sergio Ramos, with three; followed by Valverde, Kroos, Modric, Bale and Rodrygo, with two.

Defensive solidity

An attack too often anodyne that contrasts with a great defensive solidity. In the 18 days played only he has fitted 12, something that hasn’t happened since 1987-88, with Buyo as a goalkeeper, and 1972-73, with Garca Remn under the sticks.

The rear shields protect a team that has only ceded the collision at the close of the last six days. The houses rip into the foundations. On Monday, Zidane, in the white club’s institutional Christmas greeting, stresses that he hopes that by 2020 the team will be able to continue with his good dynamics and results, something that allows him to stay alive in all competitions. I’m not going to ask for anything but because we’re all very plugged into what we’re doing and that’s the most important thing for a coach, underline the nic in the official act of this Christmas with a scorer’s touch.

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