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Liga Santander: Setin faces chaos LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Barcelona – Granada (D/21.00 h.)



Cntabro promises balance and order in the face of his debut as Barcelona coach against Granada at the Camp Nou

Quique Setin, at the press conference prior to his premiere as Barcelona technician.

One of the most graceful things that has done to barcelona footballers is the involvement of the new coach in his daily activities. Mainly the ones that have to do with the ball. Quique Setin, instead of sitting on the ball, is fed up running in his search in the center of the rounds. He doesn’t even mind exposing himself to Arturo Vidal throwing a cao at him in the middle of the task. Today I hurt my hip, my knee… But I like being with the players. Pass ingesb. I still feel like one of them. I need that energy to be okay. The technician, more of the good humor, already likes that algaraba typical of the first times.

To the heavyweights of the shed, between talk and talk, is trying to convince Them Setin of the need to increase the pace of work. In the transgaming.orgs management of Barcelona, unable to change the dynamics before Valverde’s dismissal, they warned the new bench foremen.

But he’s also getting into the new guy in that his footballers assimilate the repeticin of tcticos exercises that allow clean baln exits. Nor has anyone discussed, at least for now, one of the most delicate measures, the morning sessions the party at home. Both to finalize the strategy and to announce the list of conveners.

He wants fate, a small man, for Setin to premiere on the bench on Sunday in front of the Granada, the same rival with which he debuted as a footballer his idolatrate Johan Cruyff (4-0) on 28 October 1973. But at 61 and as head of the bank, it is not for Setin to fly over the csped, but to make it a few footballers who were shaken in Los Crmenes (2-0) in the first round.

The role of Arturo Vidal

To be a da to begin deciphering the solutions, either ast… From ah, at his first press conference before a meeting, he was questioned for the role of Arturo Vidal, one of his predecessor’s favorite day laborers. And Setin promised to stand up to the chaos. We attach great importance to order. Some footballers tend to lose their posicin. To get out of order. Not only Arturo Vidal. We will have a lot of impact on them because we need balance and order to attack and defend. We’ll be warning and guiding. And we’ll end up getting it because it’s an important part of our understanding of the football, Setin argues.

Frenkie de Jong’s sancin absence, expelled in the last draw against Espanyol, and Arthur Melo’s long inactivity after apparently overcoming his pubalgia, multiplies Riqui Puig’s options. When Pep Guardiola debuted at the Camp Nou in A Liga match as Barcelona manager (13 September 2008), he was unable to move from the draw against Racing (1-1). However, that give, more all of the result and the poured peaks -Cruyff was one of the few who defended him-, become part of the imaginary for the ownership of Sergio Busquets and Pedro. Back then, guys from the branch where almost no one repaired.

The promotion of Riqui Puig

One of Setin’s main decisions as a Barcelona technician has been to integrate Riqui Puig, 20, into first-team dynamics. So much so that this week he was even invited to the group dinner at the Via Veneto restaurant in Barcelona. The quarry, ideated this course with Valverde and with a long way to go in terms of its relacin with the ttems of the shed, aspires to be right-eyed of Setin.

The new coach of Barcelona, who recovers Ter Stegen for the cause of three matches in the nurse, will have to solve many more errands. Especially complicated is the one presented to him in the position of center front, with Luis Surez decommissioning until May. Griezmann and Messi appear as immediate solutions in a new stage in which Bartomeu observe everything from a screen, That not box.

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