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Liga Santander: The greats exchange their roles: play Madrid and kick back the Bara LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith





Zidane’s gambling bet takes advantage of his dominance in the big dates, while at Camp Nou, a dcada after of splendor, there is hardly any of Guardiola’s legacy left.

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Valverde pressures Messi, during the Camp Nou clsico.
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  • Crnica.

    Bara and Madrid cancel

  • Controversy.

    Madrid refereeing anger

The expedition back to Madrid I came out of the Prat before ever, because of the security measures that the clsico enputy enputy. In the mixed zone only a player, Casemiro, and the showers were mpid than ever. In the avin, the anger with the rbitro was shooting when he saw the repetitions of the faults about Varane, while remaining a perch of bitterness for the missed opportunity.

They, if they have us, they beat us, they lamented in the high command of the club, with injuries of bara in recent memory. The team Zidane he left dolindose because he had not taken advantage of the domain. He looked at the house where they made world flag of touch, posesin and colorful ftbol, sometimes depreciating more direct and tambin winners.

The numbers of the clsico were a good summary: 11 shots (for five from Bara), 32 arrivals to the Rea, 55 robberies… However, Real Madrid do not pass the tie, in a lnea that begins to be crnica in its takeoff of the last times. It happened to him in the derby Wanda, before the Psg at home, in Mestalla Sunday and in the Camp Nou mircoles. Solvent presentations, times of joyful play, duel of the baln, but without the edge necessary to knock down entity rivals.

Nothing has to do with it, it’s fair to remember, this versin to the one shown at the beginning of the course. In the last few games we have shown that we are growing and playing at a great level, says Casemiro. The lnguid, decadent image is vanished in Istanbul, starring in a remarkable improvement ever since.

Change from Istanbul

Zinedine Zidane activated the dressing room, getting his players to regain form and gave the necessary tcticos brushes. The commitment to reinforce the spinal, at the cost of smoothing the lead, has given life to Courtois, very reduced from work. At times, especially when Rodrygo is around, Madrid attack or defend with up to five midfielders, all of quality.

In the analysis of the technical body and in the club there is no reproach for the centre striker, with records of Benzema rcord for l (16 so many). The problem comes around him, where goalscorers are missing. They fear in Madrid that it will be very difficult to get to spring in the fight if someone else joins the work. With Hazard and Asensio injured and before Bale’s sequa (only two targets), more of its correct clsico, it is difficult to find the bite, in the absence of Rodrygo and, above all, Vinicius grow before the goalkeeper. From Kroos or Modric it is difficult to expect now a change of trend, but there is confidence in pieces like Valverde. An eight-goal player per season, his mentors predict.

A different suit bar

If we lose, we will continue to be the best team in the world. If we win, we’ll be eternal. As despidi Pep Guardiola his men just before facing the Club World Cup final of 19 December 2009 in the Abu Dhabi desert. It was the da in which Pedro rescued the Bara when the party was dying, and Messi marched with the shield in the prison. But, above all, it was the point in which Pep Guardiola bursts into tears over the csped in the face of an indite hazaa, the six ttulos in a year of his team.

Ten year passed and Ernesto Valverde, after the last and disappointing draw to zero against Real Madrid, offered his particular diagnosis: The normal is this.

See. Real Madrid remered up to 12 times the barcelona porter, a bully that the Azulgrana endured on the shoulders of Piqu, Lenglet and Ter Stegen. His two power plants and the doorman. Up to 30 times they cleared the blue-swaying defenses the baln in the rea.

Barcelona, all night long, alone was able to steal the ball five times on the opposing field. As, no extra that Valverde’s only committed five fouls in 90 minutes, by 17 whites. And, most worryingly, barely getting the Bara to complete 77 passes in the last third of the field.

No response to presin

More all of the statistics, always ready to carry one of the reasons – but also to deny them – there is no better termmeter for Barcelona de Valverde than the regret of its footballers. When Real Madrid pressed, half the first act, Piqu exhibited before the world his despair begging his compaeros, buried in the house, to advance.

That image allowed us to look at each other. Specifically to the Clsico of 27 April 2011 at the Bernabu (0-2), in the first leg of the semi-finals of a Champions League that Bara won at Wembley. So it was Christian who was desperate for the approach to Jos Mourinho and who was shouting to his compaeros to come out of the catacombs. An act of faith.

The Barcelona of Valverde has no mystery. He doesn’t defend with the ball. He is unable to control the game in the presence of his midfielders. De Jong you can’t see the bullets pass ing each counterpunch. Without connectors, Griezmann defends more than it attacks. While Luis Surez and Messi, always off-hook and without direct involvement in the presin, live slopes of running in the open field. There’s no stout to brag about. And when the punch fails, even the screen of the results doesn’t cover the embarrassment. The club azulgrana pays homage to the 2009 hexacampen team through a video hanging on their social networks. No trace of Guardiola.

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