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Liga Santander: The Mystery of Dembl’s Injuries: “Not only is the party to work, also the head” LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith




Physical recovery experts say that to avoid repeticin breaks you must respect the protocols and rest

Ousmane Dembl, Barcelona striker.

Ousmane Dembl accumulates 10 injuries since arriving in Barcelona. Its musculature looks like it’s made of glass. Now, the femoral bceps tendn rupture of the right leg threatens to leave him several months without playing. But this setback can be both a obstacle and a trappage in his career. It all depends on me.

The breakage of the femoral bceps occurs more in explosive players than in, say, diesel players. It’s hard to Busquets have a lesbian. He’s a great player, but he’s slow fiber. Players like Dembl himself or Mbapp are made of iron fiber and are therefore more prone. It’s a very strong calculation, because the force generates speed, and these footballers are very fast, but they have that risk aforered, analyzes Jos Luis San Martn, former real Madrid physical preparer.

I’m not saying that’s the case, but sometimes the protocols of a lesin are not carried out at 100%. If any of the steps are not respected, the recada comes. And with each recada, the msculo shortens, he points. From his point of view, injuries are inevitable. I don’t believe in injury prevention. All of us who have worked with lite footballers know that we work with them to lengthen the aparicin de la lesin to the last. The football is one of the most intense transgaming.orgs in the world joint level muscle, he argues.

The best way to lengthen the aparicin of the lesin is to train well. This type of player has to take care of them a lot in this sense and then also influences a lot, of course, cmo take care: if they rest, if they feed well, how they manage their nights… Some are autistic monks and tambin get injured, and I don’t mean by that Dembl not taking care of himself, but all those factors affect the aparicin of the lesin, explains San Martn. From the point of view, in addition, it is clear that Dembl has propensin to this type of lesin. So it is Jordi Ardvol, former head of the Bara’s medical services.

He is a very fast player, very explosive, with a lot of presin in his environment, knows that it costs a lot of money, that is expected much of l, who does not have the same knowledge as a veteran about the alarm signs that can give his body for the musculature , and that leads him to be more susceptible to injury. In addition, the most important risk factor, in this case, is that he has already had other injuries, notes Dr. Ardvol, who leaves a glimmer of hope. When players get to know better the alarm marks that their body gives, they get older, they perform well with the programs of prevention and the musculature takes more quality, many times the frequency of those injuries goes down. It’s possible to overcome it, he explains.

“You must look for references in the Bara”

You have to work not only the lesin. Tambin you have to work your head, be that for you Arturo Martnez, Sporting coach. Dembl can come back in vctima plan, thinking it will break again, or more strongly. In my case, if I were a 22-day-old boy like l, I would work to train at the level of personal development, to spend time with myself, to get to know me a little more. The lesin can give you a spectacular information and form. It’s an opportunity to get to know yourself more. Tambin will look for references, in the Bara have had a spectacular one, Carles Puyol, and he’ll try to meet them, talk to them, point out.

I think it will be necessary to introduce a methodist who, from a young sheate, will explain to footballers that life is peaks, that it is not a path of roses. If no one explains it to us, it happens. If no one has prepared you for the bad times, you sink. But it’s also important to prepare for the xito. For m, personal preparation is essential. At the same level as the tcnica and the physical, sentence.

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