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Liga Santander: Valencia sighs of relief in Zorrilla LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith




A gris Valencia draws against Valladolid with a goal from Manu Vallejo in the time. El Valladolid is advanced with a direct foul by Sergi Guardiola that Jaume Domenech gets out of his porter

Liga Santander: Valencia sighs of relief in Zorrilla LaLiga Santander 2019 - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Joaqun tries to stop Rodrigo yesterday in the New Zorilla.

To Valencia CF all he had to do was fight a Temporary and that’s what he’d do in Zorrilla, where with a Manu Vallejo’s desperate goal he keeps on his heart rate in the Champions League despite a grey match in which he never sympsed cmodo. It was a duel marked by the strong wind gusts that were tasked with slaming the two teams. Although the Real Valladolid live more acclimatized, it’s slow to find a way to monetize it. Wait at the 80th minute, when the VAR certifies that a lack of direct sergi Guardiola the sac Jaume Domenech with a steady hand… but from within his goalkeeper. To the desperate, Manu Vallejo caz one of the few poisoned centers of Ferran just for saving a point. (Narrative and statistics)

Do not show the Valencia at any time of the encounter, with a slowed pace, waiting without losing his chance to a Valladolid who controlled the ball. The Celades team has only finished with the score to zero in two matches this season and since the arrival of Celades on the bench the offensive bet has multiplied. But to handicap the absences of two vital goalscorers as Maxi And Gameiro it is joined that without baln can not appear the Ferran’s expanite, nor the last pass Rodrigo.

The duel of the baln was the Valladolid, who sought the talent of Toni Villa and Hervas and Sandro’s stopped ball plays without losing his composure. Be clear that from an error can be born any ocasin that Valencia did not waste. I didn’t do it in the whole first half, following his routine in Zorrilla, where he has conceded three goals, and he fit into the start-up of the central Salisu, to which Rodrigo was unable to throw off. The Valencian awakening tmido caps over and over with the fast ghans.

While Domenech barely intervened, Masip was only in a hurry with a Ferran center for Rodrigo’s high pitch at the penalty spot and a closed crner from Parejo.

Celades wanted his team to step forward from the return of the locker room, to pass by check out and take off in attack. He was able to take advantage of the Valladolid with a Sandro shot and the punchline of a foul by Moyano. However, Valencia already has its plan B in the field. The entrance to Cheryshev gave Soler freedom to return to the center of the field to complicate the pucellanos’ ball exit.

The exchange of blows is complicated when Rodrigo left the field. A Cheryshev left-hander responded Plano and Guardiola crashing into Jaume. The Pucela wallow with ease in the middle of a gale against a Valencia that only woke up at the end, when he had the score against. It already looks like an identity.

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