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Liga Santander: Valverde unveils an ancdota by Arturo Vidal with the VAR: “Give the goal and enough, we will go up” LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

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Garitano did not want to hide in the decisions of the rbitro and the coach of Bara shared an ancdota del derby of the past year against Espanyol

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Vidal and Luis Surez celebrate one of Bara’s goals.
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    Messi gets fed up with comedy

Antoine Griezmann is getting cmodo in the Bara. Gradually, he has established himself in the attack of a team capable of combining goals with tremendously lackluster performances. Therefore, nothing else ended the match against Alavs, did not hurt garments when it came to admitting that, like the less applied students, they need to improve with views of the coming ao.

We have not touched the ceiling, I emphasize the Francs in statements to Movistar LaLiga nothing more end the duel against the Alavs. We want to score before them, and make it quick, to set the pace for the match. I think we had a good meeting. and now it’s time to rest, seal a Griezmann who brought some tiredness behind the clsico to justify the team’s already disconnection. A disconnection that could have cost a face, but that Messi solves in one fell swoop. We played two years ago and the legs were a little tired, but I think we did a good game, the striker insisted.

Your cnico, Ernesto Valverde, while, he wanted to highlight the ability to reaccin his players after fitting the 2-1. We have moved the chair when everything stops on track, but we’ve reacted well, because we have players to do it. In the ftball there is nothing written, you have to write it during the game, write it the Barcelona coach, who is very clear about what he is asking for 2020. The coaches ask for peace of mind, and that means winning games. When you win, you always have peace of mind, Reiter.

The VAR, again, had its dose of prominence. Asier Garitano, the coach of Alavs, did not want to hide in the decisions of the rbitro to excuse the defeat and Valverde, for his part, shared a very clarifying ancdota. Last year, when we played the derby against Espanyol in Cornell-El Prat, they scored a goal, they were about four minutes consulting and Arturo Vidal said ‘give it and enough now, we’ll go back’. In the end, they canceled it and we ended up winning 0-4, record the technician.

Arturo Vidal, precisely, and Carles Ale they were holders against Alavs, despite the rumour that they are being seized as possible transfers in the winter market. Something that Valverde, at least for now, insists on discarding: They have made a good match, they will be with us again after the holidays and I count on them, of course.

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