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Lightning strikes against Flat Earth: "They are unscrupulous" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Lightning strikes against Flat Earth: "They are unscrupulous"

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Flat Earth and Rayo Vallecano B must have met yesterday on a new day in Madrid's Third Division. However, shortly before the duel began, the Terraplanist club delegate appeared in the meeting's referees' locker room, presenting twelve parts of his gastroenteritis sick leave. So, the match has not been played and remains in the hands of the Competition Committee if it is postponed or if all three points remain in Vallecas.

So far, nothing extraordinary. Regardless of, the flat earth, through his Twitter account, accused Rayo Vallecano of not respecting the events that occurred in a strong accusation about Juanma Barroso: "Today we live, thanks to the school principal of Lightning, a very unpleasant episode, incite violence and make you not satisfied with the postponement. An aggressive guy running Rayo elementary school. Lightning, wake up !! "

The Vallecano club have remained on the sidelines so far, but this afternoon responded strongly to Flat Earth, also indicating that they will fight for three points for irregularity in the procedure. In a long statement, Lightning talks about "fake news" and explains that the idea of ​​delaying the game had been put forward by his rival and was not the result of a last minute outbreak of gastroenteritis.

"The week before the game, members of the Flat Earth FC club contacted Rayo Vallecano to request date change because two players from your organization have been called up by the Madrid Football Federation1 ", the statement said. Once the postponement intention is presented, Lightning offers the possibility to reproduce the Friday, December 6th, instead of Sunday 8, which club Javi Poves rejects. Therefore, Lightning recommends that it be challenged on the scheduled date and does not address any other calendar influence.

El Rayo understands that "it is not a solid reason" that two rival players from the Madrid Federation have been summoned and gives an example of the selection charts. In such cases, the subsidiary loses players who rise to the first team to make up for absences. Also, inform suffered "pressure" postpone the departure as personal phone calls from the President of Madrid to the President of Rayo himself. Even so, the lightning bolt remained firm in his mind and did not give in to the meeting being celebrated on another date..

This is where the chapter that most arouses the fury of the Vallecano club comes. "At 12:45 pm (45 minutes before the start of the match), Flat Earth FC delegate appears in high school locker room carrying twelve highs for gastroenteritis, stomach viruses and other "similar" diseases. "After that, Lightning urges the Competition Committee to apply what it considers fair and to give the local team three points.

"In no case do we question the good work of the Spanish public health professionals, but rather denounce the partisan and tortuous use everyone's resources for private use and benefit. The irresponsibility of those who are able to adopt some "dangerous and harmful" measures for the future future of sports competitions in this country. Add, then, that Flatland violates current regulations"writes Ray, adding that the rival is" devoid of all kinds of scruples. "

All this for the final idea: "Considering Rayo Vallecano who is a clear case of INCOMPAIRING the encounter. The meeting should be considered lost. This will be discussed with the relevant agencies of our legal services. "However, it was not wanted to hide the serious accusations of Flatland and reported that is, in his opinion, what happened in the previous.

Lightning responds to accusations about Barroso

"It unfortunately reaches even more frightening levels when the president of Frat Earth, present Javier Poves, not happy "for orchestrating" all this nonsense had a defiant, cunning and offensive attitude … With several Rayo Vallecano employees prior to the nervousness that caused the "Dantesque" situation that had been generated, "the entity responds to its opponent's statement on social media.

Also, explain that Juan Manuel Barroso, responsible for his quarry, came out in defense of Lightning employeeswithout allowing them to be insulted without incredulous Javi Poves. In fact, the club's Security Department, as stated in the press release, called the City Police, which raised a complaint against the President of Terra Plana. He argued his version, Vallecas points to "very serious accusations" and those involved are asked to respond to the appropriate authoritiesas legal action will be taken.

Given all this, Lightning ended its statement with a blunt paragraph: "In addition to the painful episode that, as we explained, & # 39; presumably orchestrated & # 39; this man in order to postpone the postponement of the meeting (With the perilous precedent that could engender such practices of torture by those who they think it's the smartest in the class) because from now on all clubs with 3, 4 or 5 players called (in any category) will start to practice these "reprehensible" episodes, sports organizations will find a & # 39; hot potato & # 39; of having to start suspending matches everywhere. Because it's suspiciously they will start defining "on-demand matches". At the whim of each club. Depending on whether or not you are interested in playing the game"