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Ligue Football 1 – L1: Do you like football? Don’t look asse-nantes – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Ligue Football 1 - L1: Do you like football? Don't look asse-nantes - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

This Sunday afternoon, Saint-Etienne welcomes Nantes as part of the 20th ligue 1. At half-time, it was The Canary Islands who took Geoffroy-Guichard (0-1).

But the peculiarity of this match is that it takes place behind closed doors, Saint-Etienne has been sanctioned by the numerous fumes and fireworks fired during the reception of Paris Saint-Germain on 15 December. And as with every match played behind closed doors, the same is true among the consultants and observers, who believe in the chorus that the LFP must find another way to sanction the clubs. Because without a doubt, an empty stadium does not help the players to propose a great show …

On his Twitter account, Raymond Domenech was at this address. “For those who love football especially do not look at Ase/ NANTES behind closed doors. We would have to find other options … open only to children and women, for example. Otherwise, it’s pathetic” dropped the former coach of the French team, who obviously does not take the stand against the encounter between AS Saint-Etienne and FC Nantes. A statement shared by his L’Equipe colleague, Nabil Djellit. “Abeid’s goal is beautiful, but the atmosphere is sad. On camera it kills football”. It is not the asse fans, who would have liked to come and support their team in the Cauldron, who will say otherwise.