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Liverpool boss Klopp: Ask FIFA about human rights issues in Qatar, not me – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Liverpool boss Klopp: Ask FIFA about human rights issues in Qatar, not me

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Liverpool boss Klopp: Ask FIFA about human rights issues in Qatar, not me

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Liverpool boss Klopp: Ask FIFA about human rights issues in Qatar, not me

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said he is the "wrong person" to inquire about the staging of the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar, amid concerns about the country's human rights record, including the persistent homosexuality of gulf in the Gulf state.

European champions Liverpool face CONCACAF Champions League winners Monterrey in Wednesday's Doha World Cup semi-final, as they attempt to be crowned world champions for the first time, with Klopp confirming that Virgil van Dijk is fit to play after missing training on Monday.

– When is Liverpool in the FIFA Club World Cup?

FIFA's decision to award the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and this year's World Cup Club, continue to be confused in controversy due to questions related to the treatment of migrant workers and laws affecting the LGBT community, which include prison sentences of up to seven years for those who are accused of being gay.

But while Klopp said he has an opinion on the matter, the Doha German insisted that athletes should not be forced to justify decisions by governing bodies such as FIFA.

"I have an opinion about football, but this is a really serious thing to talk about, and the answers should come from people who know more about it," Klopp said. "I have to be influential in football, but not in politics.

"Everything I say will not help, it would just create a new headline, positive or negative.

"I, like you, ask the question [about human rights] but I think I'm the wrong person [to answer it].

"Organizing the competition, wherever it is, they [FIFA] have to think about it. Athletes should not.

"We represent Liverpool, we're invited, so we should go there. If athletes have to make a decision about a competition, no matter where in the world, it's not right.

"My personal opinion, I have one of course, I think we should all be treated equally, it's clear.

"But we don't have time to judge things when we're here, we just have time for training.

"You have to respect the rules of different countries, I have to respect the rules of England when I'm there, it's just cultural, but that's the way it is."

From a football perspective, Klopp has been critical of the number of games his players have been forced to play in all competitions this season.

And because of the workload, the club has sent a youth team to Aston Villa for Tuesday's Carabao Cup quarter-final to send a full squad to Qatar.

Although Klopp insisted that Liverpool are determined to win the club's World Cup, he said that FIFA and UEFA cannot continue to add contests to an already packed calendar.

"We are very focused on that, but if you had asked me beforehand if I think it should be a club World Cup in the middle of our season, I would say no," Klopp said. "But we are here, which is why it is the most important competition in the world

"Could it be bigger in the future? I don't know. If we try to push it in between other competitions. I think FIFA is planning a World Cup in the summer [2021], but it is a summer when African nations are there too and other competitions.

"They all have to sit around a table and talk about the competitions not being at the same time.

"From the organizational point of view, everyone has to think about it. FIFA can't schedule a tournament in the summer, and then UEFA says & # 39; We want one too. & # 39;

"It's not that easy. You have to find a common language and talk about it. You can't just add to tournaments, it doesn't work."