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Liverpool FC – Jurgen Klopp curbs euphoria: “Not yet almost perfect” – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Jurgen Klopp takes the English Premier League title with Liverpool by storm. Despite a huge lead, however, the coach continues to slow down the euphoria.

The lead is huge, the league title is only a matter of time – and if he goes to Juergen Klinsmann, Juergen Klopp could already relax and take a well-deserved break on the beach.

“Liverpool are nowhere to be found, usually the Kloppo can go on holiday and just have to play a bit of Champions League,” the club was quoted as saying. Image Bundesliga club coach Hertha BSC.

After Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Southampton, many in the Premier League are likely to take Klinsmann’s point of view. Klopp storms towards the Reds’ first league title in 30 years with huge progress, and it seems to have been a long way away – even though the team manager has stepped on the brakes of euphoria as usual.

“It’s not that I think we’re close to something special,” the 52-year-old warned: “We’re not perfect, not even nearly perfect, but we don’t care if we’re perfect.”

Liverpool on their way to the history books

But the numbers speak a very different language. Manchester City’s 22 points behind ahead of Sunday’s away game at Tottenham Hotspur (17.30pm) was already a proud 22 points behind.

So the question is no longer whether Liverpool will win the title – it’s only a question of when that happens and what saves Klopp’s team still beats on the way. There is, for example, the Citizens League record (100 points) for the 2017/18 season, or the 49 games without defeat in arsenal’s 2003 and 2004 succession.

Liverpool, in any case, are on track for the history books. Klopp and his players have not been beaten in 42 league games, with the Reds scoring 73 of the 75 possible points this season. Over the course of the season, they have earned 100 of the 102 points they have allowed in their last 34 games. These figures express only one thing: pure domination!

Klopp: “My main feeling was worry”

In the shadow of the former Dortmund manager, there are only supporting roles left for the other Germans in the Premier League – even if Chelsea’s national player Antonio R’diger in the 2-2 (0-0) at Leicester City with the first career double pack (46th/71st) shone. Team manager Frank Lampard said he was “delighted.”

The Reds struggled to beat Southampton just before the break, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (47th), Jordan Henderson (60th) and Egyptian star striker Mohamed Salah scoring a double header (72nd/90th). Klopp has “never seen” a winning streak like that of the Champions League winner, but a sense of invincibility is far from developing.

“It’s not like that,” Klopp said, “that I feel stronger and stronger after every win” – quite the contrary: “I’m a very optimistic person, but not before a football game. My main feeling before the game was worry. Mr Klopp is not expected to approach the remaining 13 games differently after the two-week winter break.