Euro 2020

Lucas Karschau from SK Germania Herringen is upset about the mode at the European Championship – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Travels to the European Roller Hockey Championships in July: Herringen’s captain Lucas Karschau (left).

© Mroß

The German national roller hockey team reluctantly announced their team for the European Championship in La Roche sur Yon (July 18-25, 2020). Three players from the reigning German champion SK Germania Herringen will travel with them.

Hamm – In addition to Christoph Rindfleisch and goalkeeper Timo Tegethoff, this includes Lucas Karschau. The captain of the DRIV selection, like his teammates, is annoyed by the new mode.

“The transgaming.orging appeal is completely pushed into the background,” criticizes the 26-year-old Hammer. The reason for his rebuke to the recently published concept is the division of the Association World Skate Europe, which provides for two groups that do not start the tournament on an equal footing.

“We can only be fifth,” explains Karschau, who competes with the national team in group B. In addition to the neighbouring states Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, England and Israel also compete there.

The much more prestigious nations are in Group A, where Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Andorra and Switzerland not only make up the four semi-finalists among themselves, but also the starting places for the “elite group” at the World Cup next year. Year.

Barriers to entry become fixed limits

So far, the first in Group B and the last in Group A have faced each other in a separate playoff round to determine who will be allowed to play in Group A in the future. The new interpretation transforms these hard barriers to entry into unexploded borders. “I haven’t experienced this before,” Karschau says, expressing his displeasure. “Ultimately, the possible participation in the World Cup would be our greatest incentive to participate in the European Championship at all.”

The biggest and perhaps the only one – Karschau suspects that not all the nations listed in Group B can simply be fed off with the new mode. “We’ll have to wait and see how many teams will end up. It is quite possible that nations like Israel will not compete in the first place and that the field of participants in Group B will be reduced.

This would further reduce the motivation in the lower field, while the selection of the leading teams will play out the European Championship title at the same time. “We must not run against the big ones at all. That’s a great pity, because you want to improve,” Karschau emphasizes.