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Luis César: "The pressure is coming out, we have to overflow" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Luis Cesar he is perfectly aware that the stay goes away every week that the sports It passes without winning. As much as the team has experienced some improvement in recent weeks. But before him Zaragoza He thinks the time has come and they are trying to take advantage of it. too defend Peru Nolaskoain After your controversial video:

Pressure: The pressure is coming out, it's overflowing. But we know how to handle it.. We don't like it, but we're under pressure from day one. Depose points must be made by Depor. Neither Oviedo nor the rest. You have to make points to reach the goals, the points are not achieved through the loss of others ".

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Sensations: We incorporate efficiency into our objective and are not otherwise efficient. Let's move on to the round we deserve now. We put the focus on what we don't mark, and it's true. But you see that very different things didn't have to happen to make a mark. We had options, but we didn't know how to finish the game. "

Missing: Sometimes we do not carry the area as we should. First you need to reach good auction positions, don't carry the area in the same area.. It's like basketball. When going to the rebound, three cannot go to the right side of the ring. And then the attackers do not score, they know they are inaccurate. There are pieces I ask you to play and others I ask you not to play so soon. Sometimes they shoot when they don't have to and the piece deserves another pass. There is a little bit of everything. Incoordination, inaccuracy … but only those who make mistakes learn and we are in it. "

Nolaskoain: We all know that he was wrong. It was in a context of friends and someone spread it, but it is a gladiator with capital letters. He is one of my warriors. A 20-year-old may be confused but Depor has a gladiator on the pitch. Not to win anyone? It is an ironic way of speaking. He is a Basque ironic gladiator. Do not care. It's medically juicy, but anyone you know knows it got confusing and that's it. You need to be careful about social networks and what you spread to your friends, because some of them can sell you"