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Luis de la Fuente: “We have to turn around with the JJOO” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Luis de la Fuente: "We have to turn around with the JJOO" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Spanish Under-21 coach Luis de la Fuente reviewed what he gave of 2019, in which he proclaimed himself champion of Europe, and already set his sights on a 2020 that has the Olympic Games as the “quote par excellence” where ensures that they have to turn “because the occasion deserves it.”

“When the two March commitments are over, it will be time-out about the Olympics. It is the quintessential event of next year and we have to turn around because the occasion deserves it. The Games generate great anticipation and an illusion in our house and in all and Spanish football,” said the technician in statements provided by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

De la Fuente began by weighing the achieved in 2019: “Very important goals were met. The first be Champions of Europe, which is an event of great importance for Spanish football, for the RFEF and for all of us. Of course, also the qualifying for the Olympics, which makes us very excited.”

The selector also reviewed the best and the worst he’s ever experienced in 2019, which focuses, on the transgaming.orging level, on last summer’s European: “The best thing was the match against Poland, because of the emotions felt after that match. Knowing that we were already qualified for the Olympics, for the semi-finals and seeing that the team was growing and that we could win the European Championship; it was the most special moment.”

“The worst thing, on the transgaming.orging level, lost to Italy, which meant being with one foot almost outside the European. On the staff, always the one of losing loved ones, who I like to remember because they deserve a tribute,” he said.

A European Under-21 champion generation of which some, such as Mikel Oyarzabal, Dani Ceballos, Fabián Ruiz or Dani Olmo already know what it is to play with the absolute: “I am very happy, happy, proud. I think it’s work and merit of them, we’ve been a help, but they’ve earned it with their talent and gives value to the work we do,” he said.

Finally, valued the new batch of young footballers facing the Euro 2021 qualification process in Hungary and Slovenia: “It’s a generation that has to grow. Many still don’t have minutes in the maximum competition and don’t have the weight that probably in a year and a half or a year they will surely have and that we need to have a solvent and guarantee team,” he said.